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The Pagani Huayra R Evo was unveiled in 2024. It is a hyper car for track enthusiasts and part of the exclusive “Arte in Pista” program. Owners can enjoy track driving in this Pagani beast. It has a 900-horsepower V12 engine and 568 lb-ft of torque. Upgrades, like the intake manifold, boost its power. New camshafts and an exhaust system enhance performance. It weighs just 2,337 pounds dry. It’s super lightweight and focuses on speed and agility, using advanced materials.

The Huayra R Evo has a strong engine. It also has a removable roof panel. The panel helps create downforce. It makes more downforce than its weight at high speeds. Aerodynamics are crucial in its design. They improve handling and stability with every curve and vent. The interior is driver-focused and minimalistic. It has fireproof racing seats with six-point harnesses. These prioritize driver comfort and control on the track.


2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo Overview

Brand Pagani
Model Huayra R Evo
Launch Date 2024
Status 2024
Price ₹ 20.5 Crore
Pagani Huayra R Evo Price In India

2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo Price In India

The price of the 2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo is expected to start around ₹ 20.5 Crore

ModelExpected Price (India)
Pagani Huayra R Evo ₹ 20.5 Crore
2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo

2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo Price in All States of India

States of India Pagani Huayra R Evo
Assam ₹ 20.5 Crore
Bihar ₹ 20.5 Crore
Chhattisgarh ₹ 20.5 Crore
Goa ₹ 20.5 Crore
Gujarat ₹ 20.5 Crore
Haryana ₹ 20.5 Crore
Himachal Pradesh ₹ 20.5 Crore
Jharkhand ₹ 20.5 Crore
Karnataka ₹ 20.5 Crore
Kerala ₹ 20.5 Crore
Madhya Pradesh ₹ 20.5 Crore
Maharashtra ₹ 20.5 Crore
Manipur ₹ 20.5 Crore
Meghalaya ₹ 20.5 Crore
Mizoram ₹ 20.5 Crore
Nagaland ₹ 20.5 Crore
Odisha ₹ 20.5 Crore
Punjab ₹ 20.5 Crore
Rajasthan ₹ 20.5 Crore
Sikkim ₹ 20.5 Crore
Tamil Nadu ₹ 20.5 Crore
Telangana ₹ 20.5 Crore
Tripura ₹ 20.5 Crore
Uttar Pradesh ₹ 20.5 Crore
Uttarakhand ₹ 20.5 Crore
West Bengal ₹ 20.5 Crore

2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo Colors

Customization As with most Paganis, the Huayra R Evo is highly customizable.
Available Colors Pagani does not disclose a set color palette for the Huayra R Evo.
Client Choice Clients work directly with Pagani to choose exterior and interior colors, materials, and finishes.
Examples Expect a wide range of colors including:
* Solid colors (e.g., black, white, red)
* Metallic finishes
* Multi-color schemes
* Exposed carbon fiber elements


Engine Pagani V12-R Evo, 6.0 liter, naturally aspirated 12-cylinder V12
Horsepower 900 hp (662 kW) at 8,750 rpm
Torque 770 Nm from 5,800 to 8,200 rpm
Weight 1,060 kg (2,336.94 lb)
Downforce Increased by 45%


2024 Pagani Huayra R Evo Top-speed is 218 mph (351 km/h)

Top Speed (estimated) 218 mph (351 km/h)


Feature CategoryFeatureIncluded
Safety, Security & Locks Airbags Yes (likely)
Seat Belt Warning Yes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Yes
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) Yes
Engine Immobilizer Yes
Comfort & Convenience Parking Sensors No (focus on track performance)
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers Anti-glare Mirrors Yes
ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors) Yes
Boot-lid Opener Yes
Door Handles Yes
Interior Door Handles Yes
Door Pockets Yes
Lighting Headlight Height Adjuster Yes (likely)
Tail Lights Yes
Cabin Lamps Yes
Seats, Upholstery & Storage Seat Upholstery High-quality leather
Driver Height Adjustable Seat Yes
Front Passenger Seat Adjustment Yes
Rear Passenger Seats No (two-seater)
Interiors Interior Colours Customizable
Cup Holders No (focus on performance, limited space)
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation Instrument Cluster Advanced digital display
Trip Meter Yes
Tachometer Yes
Warranty Standard Warranty (Years) Information not publicly available (contact Pagani dealer)
Standard Warranty (kilometers) Information not publicly available (contact Pagani dealer)
Technology features Infotainment system: Likely basic (focus on driving experience)
Navigation: Likely basic (focus on driving experience)
Driver assistance features: Limited (ABS, EBD) – Focus on driver control


Dimensions & Weight
Width 81.77 inches
Height 45.83 inches
Wheelbase 109.9 inches
Dry Weight 2,336.94 lbs
Displacement 6.0 liters
Engine Type Naturally aspirated V12
Cylinders 12
Max Power (HP) 900
Max Torque (Nm) 770
Transmission Type Sequential
No. of Gears 6
0-60 mph (estimated) Under 3 seconds
Drive Type Rear-wheel drive
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity Not available
Doors 2
Seating Capacity 2
No. of Seating Rows 1
Boot Space Not available
Suspension, Brakes & Steering
Suspension Front Double wishbone, pushrod actuated
Suspension Rear Double wishbone, pullrod actuated
Front Brake Type Carbon ceramic discs
Rear Brake Type Carbon ceramic discs
Steering Type Electric power steering
Spare Wheel No
Wheel Size Not available
Tyre Size Front Not available
Tyre Size Rear Not available


CarManufacturerExpected Price (INR)
Ferrari 812 Competizione Ferrari Rs. 5.5 Crore
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Lamborghini Rs. 6.0 Crore
McLaren Senna GTR McLaren Rs. Above 5.0 Crore

Pros and Cons

Extreme performance Extremely high price
Cutting-edge technology Limited availability
Lightweight and aerodynamic design Not suitable for everyday driving
Exclusive and luxurious High maintenance costs
Powerful engine Poor fuel efficiency

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews Not available yet International automotive websites and publications
Ratings Not available yet International automotive websites and publications


AccessoryDescriptionBuy Now
Aerodynamic Package Upgraded front splitter, rear wing, and side skirts for increased downforce Not Available
Lightweight Wheels Forged magnesium wheels for reduced weight and improved handling Not Available
Racing Seats Custom-fitted racing seats with improved support and harnesses Not Available
Track Day Package Includes fire extinguisher, racing slicks, and a brake cooling kit Not Available
Data Logging System Allows drivers to record and analyze performance data Not Available


What is the Pagani Huayra R Evo?

The Huayra R Evo is an open-top, track-focused hypercar built for the exclusive “Arte in Pista” program, which allows owners to experience Pagani hypercars on the racetrack.

When was the Huayra R Evo launched?

It was unveiled in February 2024.

Q: How much horsepower does the Huayra R Evo have?

A: The Huayra R Evo boasts a monstrous 900 horsepower from its bespoke 6.0-liter V12 engine

Q: What’s the top speed of the Huayra R Evo?

A: Pagani hasn’t released official top speed figures. However, the focus is on downforce and track performance, so expect exceptional cornering ability rather than record-breaking top speeds.

Q: How fast does the Huayra R Evo accelerate?

A: No official 0-60 mph times are available, but with its power-to-weight ratio, expect lightning-fast acceleratio

Q: What’s the difference between the Huayra R and the Huayra R Evo?

A: The key difference is the open-top design of the Evo. It also features a redesigned body kit with a bigger front splitter, central fin for stability, and an extended tail section for improved downforce.

Q: Does the open roof affect performance?

A: Surprisingly, no! Pagani’s engineers managed to design the Evo such that the open roof actually increases downforce by 5% compared to having it closed.

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