2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Price in India, Mileage, Specs, And Images

The 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition is not your usual SUV. It’s a huge vehicle. It blends top-notch security with lavish comfort. It blurs the line between civilian rides and battlefield beasts.

Imagine a world where your car becomes a safe haven. The Vengeance Military Edition features Rezvani’s special armored package. It offers choices like bulletproof glass, body armor, and undercarriage explosion protection. Picture yourself driving through a rugged landscape. Military-grade run-flat tires keep you going after punctures. A deployable smoke screen adds a tactical layer for escaping trouble. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack won’t stop this beast. Advanced shielding keeps your vehicle’s electronics running.

But security is only part of the story. Get ready for power! Choose a standard strong engine. Or, pick an optional 800-horsepower V8. It gives thrilling acceleration and can conquer any off-road challenge. The tough suspension handles tough terrain easily. The built-in winch and tow hooks help you overcome obstacles.

Step into a world of luxury. Luxurious leather envelops the seats, tailored to your preferences. A top-notch entertainment system keeps you amused on long trips. Night vision gives you an edge in low light. Integrated communication ensures smooth coordination with your team. For the best readiness, you can add extra features. They include a first-aid kit, hypothermia kit, and gas masks. The Vengeance is ready for any scenario.

The 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition goes beyond being a car; it’s a bold statement. It’s a tribute to the extraordinary. It blends security, speed, and unmatched luxury. It’s for those who seek the best.


2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Overview

Basic InfoDetails
Brand Rezvani
Model Vengeance Military Edition
Launch Date 2024
Status 2024
Price ₹2.14 Crore (approx.)
2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Price

The price of the 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition is expected to start around ₹2.14 Crore.

VariantExpected Price (India)
Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition ₹2.14 Crore (approx.)
2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Price in All States of India

States of India Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition
Assam ₹2.14 Crore
Bihar ₹2.14 Crore
Chhattisgarh ₹2.14 Crore
Goa ₹2.14 Crore
Gujarat ₹2.14 Crore
Haryana ₹2.14 Crore
Himachal Pradesh ₹2.14 Crore
Jharkhand ₹2.14 Crore
Karnataka ₹2.14 Crore
Kerala ₹2.14 Crore
Madhya Pradesh ₹2.14 Crore
Maharashtra ₹2.14 Crore
Manipur ₹2.14 Crore
Meghalaya ₹2.14 Crore
Mizoram ₹2.14 Crore
Nagaland ₹2.14 Crore
Odisha ₹2.14 Crore
Punjab ₹2.14 Crore
Rajasthan ₹2.14 Crore
Chhattisgarh ₹2.14 Crore
Tamil Nadu ₹2.14 Crore
Telangana ₹2.14 Crore
Tripura ₹2.14 Crore
Uttar Pradesh ₹2.14 Crore
Uttarakhand ₹2.14 Crore
West Bengal ₹2.14 Crore

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Colors

Matte Black Classic military vehicle color, ideal for minimizing visibility at night.
Olive Drab Traditional military green, offering camouflage in natural environments.
Desert Sand Suitable for desert terrains, providing some camouflage and reducing sun glare.
Urban Gray Practical for urban environments, offering a neutral and tactical look.

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Mileage

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Mileage City (14-17 mpg), Highway (18-21 mpg)

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Top-speed

2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition Top-speed is 130 mph (209 km/h).

Car ModelTop Speed
Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition 130 mph (209 km/h).


Feature CategoryExpected Feature
Safety, Security & Locks – Airbags
– Seat Belt Warning
– Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
– Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
– Engine Immobilizer (likely due to focus on security)
Comfort & Convenience – Parking Sensors (possibly omitted due to military focus)
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers – Anti-glare Mirrors
– ORVMs (Off-road Vehicles Mirrors)
– Boot-lid Opener
– Door Handles
– Interior Door Handles
– Door Pockets
Lighting – Headlight Height Adjuster
– Tail Lights
– Cabin Lamps
Seats, Upholstery & Storage – Heavy-duty seat upholstery for durability
– Driver Height Adjustable Seat
– Front Passenger Seat Adjustment
– Rear Passenger Seats (depending on variant)
Interiors – Military-grade materials for durability (expected)
– Cup Holders (possibly limited)
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation – Instrument Cluster
– Trip Meter
– Tachometer
Warranty – Not officially announced (expect limited warranty due to military use)
Technology features – Infotainment system (basic or possibly omitted)
– Navigation (possibly GPS-based)
– Driver assistance features (likely limited due to military focus)


FeatureExpected Specs
Dimensions & Weight
Width Around 80 inches (similar to standard Vengeance)
Height Likely increased for more ground clearance
Wheelbase Around 130 inches (similar to standard Vengeance)
Ground Clearance Significantly increased for off-roading
Capacity Passenger and cargo capacity might be reduced for military equipment
Doors Likely 4 doors
Seating Capacity 5-7 (depending on interior configuration)
No. of Seating Rows 2 or 3
Boot Space Reduced compared to standard Vengeance
Fuel Tank Capacity Likely increased for extended range
Engine Powerful engine, possibly a V8
Displacement Around 6.2L (similar to Escalade)
Engine Type Gasoline
Cylinders 8
Valves Likely 16
Max Power (BHP) Over 400 BHP (more powerful than standard Vengeance)
Max Torque (NM) Over 600 Nm (more powerful than standard Vengeance)
Mileage (ARAI) Not applicable (military vehicles aren’t ARAI rated)
Transmission Type Likely automatic
No. of gears 10 (or similar)
Engine type: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
0-60 mph: Likely under 6 seconds (faster than standard Vengeance)
Drive Type Four-wheel drive
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity Increased over standard Vengeance
Capacity Passenger and cargo capacity might be reduced
Doors Likely 4 doors
Seating Capacity 5-7 (depending on interior configuration)
No. of Seating Rows 2 or 3
Boot Space Reduced compared to standard Vengeance
Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres
Suspension Front Heavy-duty suspension for off-roading
Suspension Rear Heavy-duty suspension for off-roading
Front Brake Type Disc brakes
Rear Brake Type Disc brakes
Steering Type Power steering
Spare Wheel Likely included
Wheel Size (inches) Likely 18 inches or larger
Tyre Size Front All-terrain tires
Tyre Size Rear All-terrain tires


FeaturePossible CompetitorsNotes
Luxury Armored SUV None Companies like Bentley and Rolls-Royce offer armored vehicles, but none focus on the military aesthetic or off-road capability of the Vengeance.
High-Performance Off-Road SUV Ford F-150 Raptor R / RAM TRX These trucks offer impressive off-road capability and power, but lack the armor and features of the Vengeance Military Edition.
Civilian Use Military Vehicle None Surplus military vehicles can be purchased by civilians, but require extensive modifications and lack creature comforts of the Vengeance

Pros and Cons

Ultra-luxury interior Extremely high cost
Impressive off-road capability Limited availability
Extensive customization options for military use Not suitable for everyday driving
Ballistic armor available (Military Edition) Poor fuel economy

Reviews and Ratings

Car ModelReviews and Ratings
Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition No official reviews or ratings available yet due to its recent release.


Possible AccessoryDescriptionBuy Now
Ballistic Armor Various levels of armor protection can be added to the vehicle. Buy Now
Run-flat Tires These tires allow you to keep driving for a short distance even after a puncture. Buy Now
Self-Sealing Fuel Tank This tank can automatically seal small punctures to prevent leaks. Buy Now
Blackout Package This package gives the vehicle a more stealthy appearance with blacked-out trim and wheels. Buy Now
Winch A winch can be helpful for getting the vehicle unstuck from difficult terrain. Buy Now
Rooftop Tent This tent allows you to camp comfortably on top of the vehicle. Buy Now
Drone The Military Edition might come with a drone for reconnaissance or other purposes. Buy Now


Q: Is the 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition officially released?

A: No, the 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition is not officially announced yet. This FAQ is based on information about the 2023 model and may not be entirely accurate for the 2024 version.

Q: When will the 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition be released?

A: Rezvani has not announced an official release date for the 2024 Vengeance Military Edition.

Q: Can I order a 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition now?

A: Rezvani might accept orders for the 2024 model even before the official release. It’s best to contact Rezvani directly to inquire about ordering.

Q: How much does the 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition cost?

A: The price is not officially announced, but expect it to be significantly higher than the base 2023 Vengeance which starts at ₹2.14 Crore (approx.). The military edition will likely have a higher base price due to its specialized features and extensive customization options.

Q: What kind of customization options are available for the Military Edition?

A: Specific details are not available yet, but expect the Military Edition to offer a wider range of armoring options, ballistic protection upgrades, communication and surveillance equipment integration, and other military-specific features.

Q: What are the engine options for the 2024 Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition?

A: Rezvani has not released information on the engine options for the 2024 model. The 2023 Vengeance offered a 6.6-liter V8 engine, and it’s possible the Military Edition might retain or upgrade this engine for enhanced performance.

Q: How does the Military Edition differ from the standard Vengeance in terms of performance?

A: The Military Edition might have performance modifications to handle the additional weight of armor and equipment. This could include suspension upgrades, braking system enhancements, and possibly even engine tuning for increased power.

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