40th Birthday Party Ideas For Man & Women

Age is only a number and nobody is too old to even think about celebrating life. There is no motivation to grieve for the number of candles on your cake or the digits of your age.

It will be extremely enjoyable to share a portion of the great 40th birthday party ideas with you today. Regardless of whether it’s for men or ladies, I have all that you have to know for making this event flawless.

So for whom you are looking out for some 40th birthday ideas is it men or ladies? I have made a list of ideas which is appropriate for both men and women.


Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Meal at a Fancy Restaurant

A fabulous thought for a manner by which to surprise them is by taking them out for lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant – someplace somewhat more elegant than you generally go, or a café that they’ve constantly liked visiting. Arrange to have a gathering of people who are already waiting at the restaurant for a special celebration.

2. Surprise Party at Your Home

You generally need to consider the Surprise when arranging them a surprise party. When attempting to concoct 40th birthday party ideas, consider their leisure activities, the music they like, the nourishment they like, the things they are nostalgic about; anything that may lead you to a particular topic they would interface with. Make it a gathering to recall, and don’t forget about any details, from decoration and food to theme costume and music.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

1. Cruise Tour

Celebrating  40th Birthday on a cruise is one of the unique 40th birthday party ideas. If the women love the sea, then you can arrange for a cruise party in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water on all sides. It is the best 40th birthday party ideas for women.

You can plan for a 2-day stay party on a cruise. You can organize a grouping of fish dishes and some choice liquor to make it increasingly intricate and energizing.

2. 40 is the New 20

This thought is for every one of the individuals who are youthful on a fundamental level and accepts that they can never get old. As indicated by the expression, 40 is the new 20, you can do every one of the things that you did when you where in your twenties.

For instance, in the event that your twenties were, harking back to the 80s time, at that point you reproduce that time and carry on with your life as you were twenty.

You can do basic things that you did in your twenties like dressing with an excessive amount of cosmetics and getting alcoholics. You can likewise accomplish something that you have for the longest time been itching to do when you were in your twenties.

This is an exceptionally positive method for anticipating one’s life and this thought says it in all unmistakable strong letters that age is no boundary if your heart is wild and insane.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Man

1. Plan an Adventurous Trip

If he is an adventurous person, plan an adventurous trip for him. This will be one of the best 40th birthday party ideas. Plan an outdoors or climbing trek or take him on a small get-away where he can attempt scuba diving or bungee jumping. In the event that your better half cherishes outdoors or evaluating different activities, this is perhaps the best present you can give him on his birthday.

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2. Make Him the King for the Day

On this special day fulfill his dreams and treat him like a king. Do anything he desires on his birthday which just comes once a year. If you have kids who are old enough to help, you can always make your man feel special by making him King for the day. Leave no work for him to do and let him know that you and the kids are there to look after his every need for the day.

3. Tressure Hunt

This is the 40th birthday party ideas which may take time for planning, but if done correctly,it can be a lot of fun. Leave him with clues, at each spot where he can find the next one. This will be super fun. Later take him to the long drive and dinner date.


Birthdays are very special and are sweet tokens of people growing together. In this way, do endeavor to change over an ordinary day into an amazing one by some basic motions. You can get as innovative or mischievous as you need, yet make sure to get things done by his or her preferences. These 40th birthday party ideas will definitely help you to make his or her birthday a special one.

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