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Do you want to get more followers for your TikTok account, and you don’t know how to do it? Today we will tell you about the seven best-ranked apps in the Google Play Store to increase your followers in a completely legal way and GRATIS.

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We had previously told you about the 13 best tricks to dominate TikTok, and now that you have mastered it perfectly, it is time to go for the followers, but remember, do not resort to dubious methods to increase the number of followers in the long run, it will play against you.

With the applications mentioned below, you will get real followers very quickly and without breaking the TikTok rules, thus avoiding penalties.


Top applications to get real followers on TikTok

Top applications to get real followers on TikTok

  • TikFamous
  • TikPlus
  • TikBoost
  • TikFans
  • Followers and Likes For TikTok Free 2024
  • TikFame
  • Tikday



This free app, in addition to being very well ranked by user ratings, is the most downloaded. It has 138,470 downloads so far.

According to the description, what stands out about this application is that it helps you edit videos for TikTok professionally, making them more colorful and stylish.

TikFamous contains many filters and effects. It also helps you select many powerful and useful hashtags to increase the visibility and popularity of your posts and get more likes and followers.

The main features of the app are:

  • Powerful video editor with trimming, transformations, filters, color, and exposure settings.
  • Free booster for your account.
  • Get real followers, like fans and reactions.
  • Increase your likes and video views.
  • Go viral on TikTok.
  • Save videos that can be used with any social network.

One of the many user opinions comments: ”It is perfect, interesting and easy to use; I love that even though it is in English, it is straightforward to understand, it is entertaining, and it does fulfill its function, find your profile at the right First, it gives you the views, likes, followers and the people you follow, I am really delighted with this application, my dream of having many followers will come true thanks to this good app. It is also straightforward to get stars; I really have no problem with this application; I give it 100 ″



This app also has an excellent rating from users; it is free and ideal for those just starting on TikTok and who want to gain visibility on the web.

TikPlus helps position your videos by recommending them among the most relevant to get many users to like your videos and become fans of your account.

TikPlus Features:

  • Share short music video links between TikPlus members.
  • Drive real followers and fans for your channel.
  • Increase real likes for your music videos.
  • Only TikTok fans and followers are supported for now.
  • The like I come from real people.
  • The fans and followers are real people.

This app has more than 56,000 downloads to date, and the users’ opinions are excellent. One of them commented, “It is perfect, and it does work, the followers stay, not like others that one day you have and the next day you don’t, I really recommend it, it works, I’m so happy, I got a lot of followers, I love it.”



TikBoost is a free app that helps you get real followersincrease the number of likes on your posts, and make your videos go viral very fast.

Among the things that this app can do for you, we could mention that it helps you add only trending and popular hashtags to your new posts without wasting time on research.

It also guarantees that it does not give false followers or hacking tools of TikTok Vip; the application is 100% free and safe to use.

TikBoost main features :

  • Increase your popularity.
  • Free TikTok Booster.
  • Help create popular posts.
  • Real fans, followers, and booster comments.
  • Create your own audience.
  • Use the best hashtag you can find.

As an endorsement, TikBoost has more than 34,000 downloads and a high score from users; In general, all opinions say that the use of the application has given them excellent results. ” Perfect App, I found it incredible, you only have to write a 500 character review so that it can work for you in all possible aspects – I like it because it is straightforward to use and it is also super reliable. Without a doubt, it is one of the best applications that I have tried in my life. Well, I really liked it, and it’s very, very accessible. It has no excellent science. “



This application is not one of the most downloaded ones, but it is very well positioned in the ranking due to the good ratings it has received from users.

Among the positive things that can be highlighted, it is worth mentioning that, unlike other similar apps, TikFans does not require entering the password of your TikTok account, which makes it more secure.

To obtain the benefits of TikFans, you must follow the steps requested by the app; when completing them, a link is placed to your account in the large community of users, and the best combination of hashtags is selected so that you can obtain TikTok recommendations.

Getting real and free followers for your TikTok account is very simple with the help of this application.

Followers and Likes For TikTok Free 2024

Followers and Likes For TikTok Free 2020

This is another of the apps to get the best-rated free followers. Users prefer it because it does not ask for the password of the TikTok account and does not require the login to the app to work.

Among the benefits offered by Followers and Likes For TikTok Free 2024, we can highlight:

  • Get real fans and feedback.
  • Make your video viral on social media.
  • Increase your followers.
  • Earn more than 2,000 fans per day.
  • Earn more than 5,000 likes per day.

The interface is amicable, and users have excellent opinions about the application, highlighting that it is straightforward and really works.



TikFame is another of the free applications that we can find within the Play Store. While it doesn’t have a huge amount of downloads, the ratings are excellent, and at the end of the day, what matters is that it really works, regardless of how many have downloaded it.

The operation of TikFame is very similar to that of the apps that we have mentioned before, it does not require much knowledge to use it, it is rather simple, and it is based on the artificial intelligence algorithm of TikTok to share your videos with the most compatible users, who could be your potential followers.

Another thing in favor that we could mention is that it does not ask you to log in to TikTok or enter the password of your account.

The highlights of the app:

  • Share short music video links between Tikfame members.
  • Drive real followers and fans for your channel.
  • Increase real likes for your music videos
  • Only TikTok fans and followers are supported for now.
  • The fans and likes come from real people.

In general, users are delighted with the results they have obtained after installing TikFame.



TikDay helps you improve your TikTok profile to make it more attractive and shares the link with a large community of users.

You can get followers for free and secure, without having to enter your TikTok password and without logging in.

The features of this application are:

  • Increase real fans and likes quickly for free
  • Discover cool new users to follow
  • Pay coins to promote your profile in the TikDay community (not real money)

Users, in general, have very positive comments about the app; they are pleased with the results and highly recommend it.

So far, we have come with our top apps to increase followers on TikTok for free. Now you have to choose the one you like the most and start using it. By the way, we would very much like to hear your opinion.

5 Tips to Consider Before Selecting a Trustworthy Free TikTok Follower App

Now that you know the best free apps to acquire more TikTok followers, here are some tips to help you make informed decisions. Apart from the 7 apps that we have mentioned above, there are other free follower apps that also help grow TikTok. The following tips will guide you in choosing the best and safest app:

1. Research on reputation of the app

It is important to check the reputation of any given app, especially free apps before downloading. You need to check for the app’s ratings and user reviews on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Checking other user’s experiences allow you to get valuable insights into the app’s legitimacy. If you find too many negative user reviews or very few reviews, then there is a huge cause for concern.

2. Check for security and privacy

When choosing a free TikTok follower online security and privacy should be a top priority. Remember, a free, safe TikTok follower app should not request for any sensitive information such as your TikTok password. Avoid apps that ask to access your TikTok account or for personal details.

3. Check for transparency

It is advisable to choose a free TikTok follower app that clearly states how it will deliver results. Free follower apps may deliver followers through genuine engagement, earned credits, or other methods. You should avoid follower apps that give unrealistic promises or claims that seem too good to be true.

4. Check for questionable permissions and in-app ads

You should avoid apps that come with suspicious permissions and excessive in-app ads. It is good to mention that it is common for free apps to display ads, but excessive in-app ads ruin user experience. You should also scrutinize permissions to ensure that the app doesn’t seek access to unnecessary data.  If any app requests to access any data that you deem unnecessary, you should treat that as a red flag.

5. Paid vs. free features

Many TikTok follower apps provide a free package with basic features but have premium plans that guarantee better results. Therefore, before choosing between the two plans, it is important to check whether the free package will suit your needs or if you need a paid plan. 


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