Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family That You Should Know

The family is a foundation of one’s character but still there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of a joint family.

In this era where everyone in running to earn more and more money we are leaving our family behind and thus to make one’s career more and more people relocate to faraway places. There are a lot of points that become a cause of conflict and tear the families apart and thus more and more people opt to live in a nuclear family to maintain the love and peace between relations.


What Is a Joint Family?

A joint family is a family where the three generations live together under one roof. The family members share a same kitchen and also support each other financially and emotionally. But like everything has its merits and demerits staying in a joint family also has them. let’s take a quick look on the advantages and disadvantages of joint family.

Advantages of a Joint Family

Togetherness: Growing up with parents, brothers, aunts and relatives provides opportunities for kids to communicate with everyone and build near bonds. The bond with relatives in particular, which is cherished by almost every kid, can be found only in joint families

 Family values: Children are learning to grow up together to share, care for and respect everyone in joint families. They learn to empathize with those around them as well. The values and culture can be taught in joint families only

Division of labour: a joint family acts like a big team and there is proper division of labour in it. family members get together and celebrate their bond. Also, the craze of festivals celebrated in a huge level in joint families.

Disadvantages of a Joint Family

Lack of privacy: with a lot of members always hovering over your head there is lack of privacy and this is the major cause of conflicts in the household.

Lack of freedom to express: there is a lack of freedom to express as the members are not allowed to speak openly and the viewpoints are suppressed.

Financial discrepancies: due to different financial conditions there is always a fight on the contribution of finance. It is the head of the family who decides the amount to be contributed by the members and thus has to face a lot of problems as many people do not agree with the decision.

Interference on parenting style: Many adults of different thinking and lifestyle can bombard parents with advice on what to do and what not to do. In almost everything linked to childcare and parenting, from diapers to nutrition to disciplining, the disturbance may occur. Such intrusions can be even more awkward and upsetting for a fresh mother.


Living in a joint family is not at all an easy task. It needs a lot of co-operation and compromises that today’s generation is not ready to make. There are parents who make the common household structure function by demarcating responsibilities respecting each other and being friendly and helpful with each other. Ultimately, it boils down to what we want and what is feasible for ourselves and our children.

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