Badminton Court Dimensions Overview

An incredible game for wellness, badminton is superb for individuals of all ages and gives an extraordinary decision to those needing to give another racket sport a go. In this article we introducing the Badminton court dimensions, Badminton is frequently played as an easygoing open-air action in a yard or on a seashore; formal games are played on a rectangular indoor court. Each side may just strike the shuttlecock once before it ignores the net.

Play closes once the shuttlecock has struck the floor or if a deficiency has been called by the umpire, administration judge, or the rival side. Just things you have to begin playing badminton are the badminton court, net, rackets, and shuttlecocks. Generally played between two individuals or four players. Competitive badminton is typically played inside on the grounds that even light breezes affect the course of the shuttlecock. A shuttlecock is made of a cork and feathers appended to it.

Badminton is considered the fastest among all list of racket sports. Badminton is one of a kind to other racquet sports in that it is played with a conical shaped shuttlecock instead of a round ball. Playing badminton can have various positive wellbeing and wellness benefits on your body.


Court Dimensions of Badminton

The perfect badminton hall has four plain dividers without any windows. Walls ought to be medium to dull shades with a matt completion so as to appear differently in relation to the shuttlecocks. Play comprises altogether of volleying—hitting the shuttlecock to and fro over the net without giving it a chance to contact the floor or ground inside the limits of the court.

The shape of the badminton court is in rectangle shape, and bisecting the court precisely at the inside, is a lifted net, set on parallel shafts. The court is set apart with lines that point to confinement to the playing space. There are independent circumscribing lines for singles and pairs play. There is a focal line that keeps running in the two parts of the court, subdividing it, into four sections.

The length and width of the badminton court are 13.4m and 6.1m respectively. For singles, the court is stamped 5.18m wide. and colored white or yellow. The lines are 40mm wide.

Badminton Court Dimensions in Feet

The general dimensions of a badminton court is 20 feet by 44 feet. The lines along these estimations mark the sidelines for pairs play and long helplines for singles play. The suggested surface for a badminton court is wood and bituminous material. Maintain a strategic distance from cement or floor covering as playing on it will effortlessly harm you.

Net Dimensions

The net line denotes the center of the court where the net is placed. The net is 760mm top to bottom and at least 6.1m wide. There must be no holes between the parts of the bargains and the posts.

Short Service Line Dimensions

The short helpline is checked 6 feet 6 creeps from the centerline. At that point, there is an assistance focus line which partitions the court into two, width savvy, and starts from the short helpline.

Long Service Line Dimensions

The Long Service line for Doubles is checked 2 1/2 feet inside the Back Boundary Line. This makes two kinds of anterooms, which are the back entryways and the side halls. The side halls are just utilized in a doubles game. Likewise, there ought to be in any event 5 ft of run-off region on each side of the court.

Diagonal Length Dimensions

The diagonal length of each badminton court must be 14.723 m.

Center Line Dimensions

The portion of the badminton court which divides from the middle is called centerline, which partitions the width of the playing field. The Center Line is the line that partitions the court from the Short Service Line to the Back Boundary Line. This depicts the Left from Right Service Court.

Posts Dimensions

The posts are 1.55m high from the outside of the court and stay vertical when the net is stressed. The posts are 1.55m high from the outside of the court and stay vertical when the net is stressed.

Pole Height Dimensions

The pole height dimensions for the badminton court should be 1.55meter.


Proficient badminton court has got an explicit kind of flooring. It is commonly taraflex flooring and green in color. If you have a lot of grass then it should be easier to play on shorter grass. Any sort of rocks ought to be evacuated.


The above are the dimensions that are useful to set badminton courts. The game begins with a toss. The group to effectively call heads or tails gets the opportunity to serve first or to enable the other group to serve first. Hence, these badminton court dimensions are considered while making the court ready for the match.

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