Best Wireless Router Under 100$ In 2021

When it comes to a high-speed internet connection, the only thing which comes in our mind is Wi-Fi routers. More than billions of users are using Wi-Fi as their home or office network. In every upcoming month, newer Wi-Fi technologies are also coming in the market.

Are you planning to purchase a new highly-advanced Wi-Fi wireless router? If yes, then this article would be surely helpful for you. Currently, the options of Wi-Fi routers are quite extensive. Above all, you should even research before investing your money in any Wi-Fi router.

So are you are ready to upgrade your WiFi router? Just, go through this article till the end.

Buying Guide For Wireless Wi-Fi Routers

  • Router Limits- A router with a high speed will not effectively improve the streaming performance of your Netflix movies. The only thing is how fast the data is transmitted even in the poor connection stage. In almost every case, the connection goes down because the traffic on your network channel is a bit high. Therefore, in such cases, extensive router limits can solve this problem.
  • LAN Ports- Lan ports are used to connect your PC to the routers through an Ethernet cable. Your wireless router should have more than 4 LAN ports to balance the internet traffic between the connections. You can even increase the number of LAN ports through an Ethernet switch.
  • USB Ports- Like LAN ports, USB ports are also quite important. Nowadays, flash drives and data cables are mostly used. USB ports on a wireless router are used to connect your external hard drive, and flash drive with the devices.
  • Application-Based Management- Nowadays, every Wi-Fi router provider is designing their dedicated applications for the users. These applications are designed to simplify the task of modifying or making adjustments to your Wi-Fi router. These apps help you to monitor your Wi-Fi usage, connected devices and alot more. Above all, such application also prompts you through notification for updating the settings of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Connection Security – Security is a must when it comes to purchasing wireless Wi-Fi routers. Your Wi-Fi router should atleast have WPA2 or WPA3 encryption. Security is especially important when you are using the internet on a daily basis. Numerous connected devices can slower the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Price- The cost of your Wi-Fi router is also an important factor to consider. You have to invest smartly rather than blindly. It’s just a one-time investment; therefore, you even have to check the online as well as offline prices. Sometimes it happens that price is a bit high on the online stores than offline stores. But, the thing is that you should know bargaining to lower the price.
  • Warranty- There are many new companies which provide Wi-Fi routers at a very cost-effective price with a 1-year warranty. Whenever you think of purchasing a wireless router, it should be a one-time investment. Therefore your Wi-Fi router should come with a 5 to 10 year warranty period.
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