Christmas Costume Ideas for 2021

Christmas is full of wonder and tradition. Christmas is the decorative time, with all the Christmas shopping and decorations. You truly don’t have a ton of time in your hand to make an impressive Christmas costume. Santa Claus Christmas costume idea just won’t do, its a great time to get some creative ideas. There are a lot of Christmas costume ideas out there that you can wear, and it doesn’t take much of money and effort to make. Here are some coolest and most unique Christmas costume ideas.


Funny Christmas Costume Ideas

1. Christmas Tree Costume

A Christmas tree costume makes certain to be a success regardless of where you go. A Christmas tree costume can be reused for other party dresses. Take an old sweater to make a unique Christmas tree costume. Decorate it with holiday garlands, Christmas baubles, and a holiday star to look exactly the same as the Christmas tree. Wear this to look dazzling and unique in your next office Christmas party.


2. Red-Nosed Reindeer Shirt

Another cute and funny Christmas costume idea is a red-nosed reindeer shirt. You’ll be requiring a  dark-colored shirt, and another since a long time ago sleeved one of every a lighter shade. Sew in some white patches and plan a comic-looking pair of eyes. Stuff some darker socks for the tusks, and include a red ball for the nose.

Unique Christmas Costume Ideas

1. An Angel on a Tree

Take an old flower girl’s dress. I took some dainty rope light and hand sewed it to the base and included bows and red gems. I used sparkling glue to give the main a Christmasy feel and added a few quills to the shoulders.


Subsequently, I hand sewed a pocket on the underskirt and slipped the battery pack to the rope light in there. On the back off the dress, I added two snaps to connect her wings and complete the blessed messenger outfit. I obtained some pine tree garland and afterward went to Goodwill and found a skirt to append it to.

I at that point cut two strips out of another piece of texture leftover from recuperating some barstools and made ties that go over my little girl’s shoulders.

Next, I designed the “tree” with battery worked Christmas lights, bows, and jingle bells. The dress is ready to wear.

2. Snowman Costume

The snowman costume looks festive and is easy to make. You just need a long-sleeved shirt, a white frilly tutu, stockings, and cute black boots. Embellish with curiously large dark buttons, a top cap, and a red scarf. And your dress is ready.

3. Sexy Dress Costume

The hot and sexy present dress is a knockout, and you’re ensured to seem as though one wearing it, as well. Short, sparkling and attractive? Take a sexy dress and stick the large red color bow which looks attractive in the dress.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Ideas

In case you’re worn out on Santa, snowmen, or reindeer outfits, you can go all tense and dim as Sally from ‘Nightmare before Christmas’. It’s presumably best on the off chance that you wear this outfit at an all-grown-ups Christmas party, generally, there’ll be kids crying at your trail. To recreate this look, you will require huge amounts of white establishment make-up, eyebrow pencil, and worn-out garments. Remember to have a red-haired wig, as well!

Homemade Christmas Costume Ideas

1. Homemade Christmas Present Costume

It is a great costume and easy to make at home. Take a box that is perfect for you and wrap it with the gift paper and use some ribbons and decorative items to decorate it. Put the Christmas tree at the end of the box. The extraordinary thing about this super, cheap, costume is that she can wear it at Christmas gatherings and we can reuse it.

2. Whoville Costume

The most creative Christmas costume idea is the Whoville costume for kids. The costume can e made of the most colorful and mismatched clothes you can find. Pair it with colourful boots. Wear colour hair wig. Your creative dress is ready for this Christmas.


Are you planning for making or buying Christmas costumes whether for the Christmas party or for the family get together? The above mentioned are the funny and unique Christmas costume ideas that one can use this year to make their dresses different from others.

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