Things to Consider When Designing a Photography Business Logo

Being a photographer, you might be able to create a website for your photography business as it is the best way to create a good impression. It can also become one of the best ways to get you good exposure as well. Specifically for photographers, it can get you a way to showcase your pictures as it is one of the first places where your customers come in to see your work.

But even before that your customers use your photography venture’s name on Google or on social media and have a look at your logo. Both of these elements send a message to the viewer or customer and tell a lot about your proficiency as an artist and a creative professional or business.

Your logo also shows the identity of your business and your work with it. Many people overlook the logo of their business regularly and it is very common for emerging businesses and freelancers who prefer concentrating on other tasks. You can use different apps and online tools to create logos.

If you are a small-scale photography business, then you can use tools like Canva, Watercolor Logo Maker, ICONA, Logo Maker Shop and many other apps to create some really cool logos. Apart from that, you can use online tools to create logos. You can use CenturyLink internet service which is very reliable and cost-effective. Apart from the tools required to create your logo, here are a few other things to consider to keep in mind when designing your photography business logo:


Enroll In a Logo Designing Course

If you need a logo for yourself, you can get your logo either by asking a graphic designer to get your logo created or you can learn to create a logo for yourself by enrolling in a design school. Also, you can use some online tools that can get you an attractive logo using their simple drag and drop options. It is a good idea to learn a new skill but making time to do so when you are working already might be a little problem.

Understand and Consider Your Business and Photography Style

While creating your photography business logo, you need to ask yourself about the business and your photography style. You can create and change different colors using the color palette available on different tools. But make sure that your fonts, icons and other aspects of the logo conform with your portfolio and business needs. Doing so can get you the perfect logo from the marketing perspective as well.

Be Very Careful While Selecting Your Graphic

This is one of the most critical aspects of your business logo creation. You can take your time to research and get inspiration from other people who are already in the photography business. Look into the different photography logo trends and see what other photography businesses within your genre are up to and use a similar theme for your brand.

Your Logo Should Be Easy To Remember As Well

Do not copy a logo as it is just like your business fingerprint and represents everything that your business does. To create a better and unique logo than the others make sure that your photography logo and portfolio go hand-in-hand and create a cohesive personality as this logo is going to go on your website and your photos as a watermark.

Keep Your Logo Simple

A simple logo will last longer and people will always find it easy to remember. So while creating your logo, make sure that creating a complex logo or graphic will be overkill and will waste a lot of your time to make it unique or when it will be in the design phase. If you want better results, make sure you do not use too many words, glim and glam, or colors. On the other hand, do not stick to the rules and experiment with your ideal logo as much as you can.

Be Adaptive

The logo you are using should be able to work on almost every platform you use. This means that it should look the same on your website’s desktop version and the mobile version as well. Also, it should look good on your social media profiles, watermarks, invoices, email signature, or any other medium that you use for marketing.

For instance, your logo should have a rounded frame to be displayed on your profile pictures, mobile displays are a little smaller than the ones on the desktop and you might also need to add a tagline, but this might look wordier. Likewise, you should get an idea of all the dynamics of platforms where you want to have your logo visible.

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Final Thoughts

We can conclude here by saying that your logo should have a very creative outlook as this reflects your creativity and the level of services you offer. Many clients might just look at your logo and just remember it for life. So adopt a very mild tone for your photography business logo so that it does not look too formal or too funky.

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