Does this veggie chopper really save time? We found out for you

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You have most likely witnessed that viral veggie chopper on your social media webpages. From chopping onions devoid of tears to crafting total salads in its container, the Fullstar All-in-1 vegetable chopper is obviously an world wide web favorite.

With around 24,000 ratings and 4.6 out for five stars, it is an Amazon ought to-have for numerous. We acquired curious about it and place it to the check to figure out if it is in fact all it is cracked up to be.

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What To Know About The Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper?

Fiona Tapp / Simplemost

$37 (was $66) at Amazon

Like we pointed out, you have possibly witnessed this gadget in advance of. It statements to be an all-in-1 products and has tons of viral accomplishment. But viral hoopla does not generally indicate anything operates. So let’s converse essentials when I to start with got the product to clarify a lot more about it.

The Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper matches a lot into 1 box. It comes with many attachments which include 5 interchangeable blades to dice (big and smaller), slice, grate and julienne. It also has a neat minimal container to securely keep the blades, a cleaning brush, a security glove and a finger guard. The handbook attributes a QR code to watch an educational video clip to get you all set up, but regrettably, it led to a lifeless url. I observed the handbook a little bit hard to stick to and alternatively opted for finding a online video on-line to see how all the particular person parts worked. The 1st matter I did was choose every thing out and carefully wash and dry each individual blade and part.

How We Examined It

I set the chopper as a result of its paces hoping out all the attachments and different blades. There are numerous safety stickers and mentions in the manual about how sharp the blades are and there is even an integrated protection glove, but I nonetheless managed to nick my finger with the tremendous sharp mandoline blade so be thorough, especially when washing the attachments.

I started out by dicing some greens and fruits including onions, cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. I was scheduling on building some burritos, so my experiments helped make some salsa and chopped veggies to go with our meal. It is fairly a entertaining kitchen gadget to use so after I acquired into it. I tried using finely slicing onions and grating as effectively as different my approach with the mandoline to get much better slices. I observed that my method improved the more I practiced.

Our Ideas

Let us split down the veggie chopper into all of its attachments to get a far better comprehending of how the solution works as a whole.

Big Dicer

The huge dicer worked seriously effectively on tomatoes, onions, cucumber and peppers. It cut anything into uniform chunks. I did not come to feel like I had to push the lid down as well difficult for it to perform and pretty immediately powered as a result of a pile of vegetables.

You do have to prep your components a minor to start with. For example, you will want to peel carrots, remove the outer pores and skin off onions and reduce veggies to the ideal dimension to match on the tray ahead of you can minimize. So, do not be expecting it to wholly switch you in the kitchen area! It is, having said that, a lot, substantially faster than if you had to chop manually.

Little dicer

Cut vegetablesFiona Tapp / Simplemost

I originally had some difficulties with the tiny dicer and found the tomato just trapped to the upper element and was squashed rather of diced. I tried using with a bell pepper future and the identical point occurred. It was just flattened and imprinted with the grid layout but was not in fact slash. This resulted in a mess and it was tough to get the small pieces of tomato and pepper out of the grids of the blade. I necessary to use the equipped cleaning brush and scrapers to get all the foodstuff out which was a problem and interrupted my cooking planning.

Nevertheless, soon after a little bit of experimentation, I understood you have to genuinely thump down really hard on the lid and then it provides nice compact chunks with relieve. My avocado was a little below-ripe which intended it was hard and bought mushed against the lid but with some perseverance, it went by means of. Pushing down challenging on the lid is in fact very enjoyable and even therapeutic, especially if you’ve experienced a tough working day! While there is a studying curve, the compact dicer is successful!


Sliced onionsFiona Tapp / Simplemost

I was quite impressed with the mandoline slicer which you could transform to slender or thick slices. It worked really well on potatoes, excellent for producing scalloped potatoes and manufactured beautiful slices of onions just proper for burgers or pizza.

I was apprehensive about using it owing to the pretty sharp blade but with the safety guard and glove, it was a pain-no cost method. I really like cutting pretty slim slices like this but manually with a knife it can take a although and the slices are not uniform, so I believe this will be the characteristic I use the most.


Blades with Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Cheese GraterFiona Tapp / Simplemost

A person of the blades I will use the minimum typically is the grater, as we tend not to purchase blocks of cheese and as a substitute go for the all set-shredded wide range. Even so, I gave it a go with a carrot and it worked as effectively as a guide grater. I am not confident I would trouble receiving this total matter dirty just to grate while. Despite the fact that there is a lock to make guaranteed each and every blade is in position there isn’t everything to keep the lid on so if you are enthusiastically chopping, slicing or grating sometimes the lid lifts up at the back and I felt that was perhaps unsafe.


Julienne bladeFiona Tapp / Simplemost

The Julienne blade is almost accurately the very same as the slicer other than that it has minimal enamel alongside the blade. I observed these ripped at the onion and didn’t do the job as perfectly as the frequent slicer blade did. I utilized it on onion and carrots but in the long run, I think I would adhere to the slicing blade for awesome skinny slices with out any additional mess. The finger guard made use of for both blades has minimal spikes that you drive into the piece of meals (potato, cheese, veggies) and this gives you the grip to slice it with simplicity.

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I cherished the way the drawer caught all the greens and slid out so conveniently to be utilized in your recipe without having getting to move the rest of the chopper. I did obtain it difficult to get the blades in the ideal way and eliminate them for cleansing but with some trial and mistake, I acquired there!

Remaining Feelings

Some kitchen gadgets and tools just close up neglected in the back of your cabinet. For regular weeknight dinners for my loved ones of 3, I will adhere with my trusty chopping knife and prevent the cleanse-up concerned with this chopper.

Having said that, if I was food prepping or producing a massive batch of soup or salad where I required to chop a huge volume of veggies this resource would help save time. I am also organizing on utilizing it the future time I want extremely slender sliced potatoes.

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