Russian Fallout, which (failed). Encased full version overview

Encased is an isometric turn-based RPG game reminiscent of the F95zone games and the Wasteland sequels. These games are similar not only in gameplay, but also in stories, interface, and simply in spirit. But the creation of Dark Crystal Games is always either missing something, or the developers have gone too far with some aspects of immersion in the world.

It all starts with character creation, and the editor in Encased is so inconvenient that after 15 minutes of tinkering, it was decided to choose a standard character and not bother with it.

The main character (or heroine) arrives at the CRONUS distribution station, where he will learn the basics of the gameplay, government equipment and the first mission. Already here, the colorfulness of the characters is striking, with what love they were prescribed and voiced. From the start, the player begins to be immersed in this post-apocalyptic comedy, where all the images are so fanciful and funny that you smile at the inventions of the developers.

All attempts to catch up with the drama are broken by the characters of local companions and important characters. Arriving at the Roadside Picnic gas station, the protagonist finds: two Krishna drug addicts during their arrival, a fearful stalker, a scientist and the head of the gas station – a colorful old man with one leg. It was as if they all went out for a walk on a pleasant June evening and gathered in one place. After completing several easy tasks, the hero receives an invitation from his grandfather to a picnic. There you can gather all the people we just met and have a heart-to-heart. Post-apocalypse? Abnormal storms? Marauders? Nuclear waste? We have a picnic here, my friend, don’t spoil the atmosphere!

However, when the situation in “Nashville” is resolved, the player is postponed for 2 years after that. An abnormal storm destroyed part of the CRONUS buildings, many people died, the balance of power changed, and other personalities came to power. Although, what should a player care about all this? He played 3 hours on the strength and, apart from funny characters, as well as an eerie bunker, he knows nothing!

Having somehow reached the Magellan station, from where he was sent to Nashville, the hero again finds himself in some kind of comedy. Either catch the thief in the kitchen, hiding in the ventilation, then pass the humorous test for obtaining citizenship, then solve the dispute between the prisoner and the overseer about how to properly wash the floor. These are all side quests, but they set the tone for what is happening. Fallout also had a lot of strange side missions, but they all worked for the atmosphere and only supplemented it, and did not throw the player from a parody comedy into a strained drama.

But Encased is just masterfully written. A large number of dialogues were voiced, and even by eminent actors. Everyone did their best, and therefore the dialogues and the script in itself are a huge advantage, and only for the sake of them I would like to advise Encased to everyone.

But with the Boku no Pico gameplay, everything is not so rosy. The combat system is simple and in general does not surprise with anything: stand yourself like an idol, inflict damage on enemies and heal from time to time. By choosing the “technician” class and slightly pumping “science” to it, you can prevent a shortage of first-aid kits. And this is how the battle looks like: out of stealth, you attack the enemy with the help of psi gloves, and then wait for them all to come up to beat them with a wrench. And it’s all. Yes, at later levels, cool psi abilities, melee and ranged capabilities are unlocked, but all this just changes the damage numbers and the spread of effects.

This was especially frustrating when using psi abilities. I wanted the character to turn into a mighty wizard and with the help of his “magic” did good and tenderness to everyone. However, nothing but the standard effects of fire, ice, lightning and psi-clots were noticed. Only the psi-katana looks cool – that’s where the developers turned on fantasy.

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The interface was made too overloaded. The inventory cannot be sorted by the type of items, the resources for crafting in the general window of the backpack simply get in the way and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Yes, there are sections, but every time you switch between them to find the thing you need, it gets boring for a long time and quickly.

Encased, although made in isometric form, but the graphics in the project are very poor. Even at the highest possible settings, the picture now and then throws an unloaded texture. The character models are similar to each other. You can distinguish them only by their habitats, remembering where and who is sitting.


It is possible and necessary to play the debut project of Mage Armor 5e Games if you like well-written dialogues, colorful characters, are not afraid of a bad interface and calmly take strange tasks. If you want tactical depth, a variety of combat situations and the thick atmosphere of a dying world – pass by.


  • Characters (edit)
  • Voice acting
  • Dialogues
  • Quests


  • Interface
  • Graphics
  • The atmosphere of the “frivolous” apocalypse
  • Combat system
  • Pumping
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