Znakowanie laserowe is a type of laser processing that prints familiar logos and numbers.Laser marking is a type of laser processing that prints a logo, serial number, or product name by irradiating the object with a laser to melt, burn, peel, oxidize, or scrape the surface of the object.Laser marking can be broadly divided into two printing methods: mask type and scan type.


Mask type:

This is a method in which laser light is emitted toward something like a mold called a mask, and only the part that has passed through the mask is printed on the object. It is a method that can print on both flat and three-dimensional objects, but it is necessary to manufacture a mask that matches the printed content, and when printing various patterns, it is suitable from the viewpoint of labor and cost. It can be said that it is not. (With a picture like this)

Scan type:

While the mask type irradiates the laser on the surface, the scan type uses a mirror that adjusts the direction of the laser beam called a scan mirror. By doing so, you can irradiate one point of laser light and print like a single stroke. If there are two scan mirrors, only a flat surface will be created, but by using three scan mirrors, it will be possible to print on a three-dimensional object.

There are three types of laser marking!

As mentioned earlier, laser marking can be described by various approaches such as melting and burning. First, increase the type of marking.

・ Removal of printed surface.

・ Surface peeling.

・ Color development.

It can be divided into three.

First of all, removing the printed surface is a marking method in which what has been painted and printed in advance is peeled off from the original material with a laser beam, and the part exposed to the laser beam shows the color of the material itself. This method is sometimes used for product packaging.

Next, surface peeling is a method of engraving and printing the surface by shining a laser beam on the material itself. Also called laser engraving. (I want to paste the laser engraving here or the laser processed one)

And the third, color development is a method of printing by shining a laser beam and causing a chemical change such as burning the surface. The typical colors are as follows.


The heat generated by irradiating the laser beam creates gas bubbles in the object. The vaporized air bubbles of the gas are trapped in the surface layer of the object, causing it to rise whitish. It is mainly used for dark colors because it is a light color marking.

Annealing marking:

This is a method of printing by applying a laser and changing the color of the metal surface by oxidizing the surface with the heat of the laser.

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This is a method in which the object absorbs the energy of the laser and changes to a darker color as the density of the molecules in that part increases, and printing is performed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser marking?

So what are the benefits of laser marking? The main advantages are the following five points.

(1) High-precision marking is possible, and even fine designs and small text fonts can be identified.

(2) High productivity can be achieved because it can be performed fastest among markings.

(3) Unlike prints, it is less likely to come off and can be marked indefinitely.

(4) Since there are multiple types of marking, if an appropriate method is selected, marking can be performed regardless of the material and without damaging the material.

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