How long does garlic last?

Garlic is usually a superior concept. It’s balanced, it is effective in all forms of dishes and it turns boring old French bread into … delectable garlic bread. To have garlic on hand is to have a meal-boosting mystery weapon in your pantry.

But except you use the dried powder sort (which has a shelf daily life of a few to four decades), you may marvel how prolonged you can retail store garlic right before it loses its freshness. Go through on to discover the ins and outs of garlic’s longevity.


Does Garlic Go Bad?

Like any vegetable, garlic does go bad. And once it does, having it can upset your tummy. If you let garlic sit out extended plenty of, it may, in unusual cases, even start to develop botulism-causing microorganisms. The U.S. Office of Agriculture warns this danger will increase when garlic saved in oil is not placed in the fridge, or isn’t eaten within a 7 days.

When you are purchasing for garlic at the grocery store, the freshest bulbs will be firm when squeezed, and will have tight skin. They also shouldn’t have a strong odor.

How To Explain to if Garlic Is Bad

If the garlic still has its primary roots attached, it is likely contemporary. But if modest, inexperienced sprouts are growing from the best of the bulb (as in the photograph down below), the garlic may well have been stored improperly and is on its way to spoiling. You can still eat it with no obtaining unwell, but its style might be a little off.

To see if garlic has certainly absent terrible, seem for bulbs that have absent tender and are turning yellow, have a bitter smell or have darkish, moldy spots.


How Extended Does Garlic Very last?

That relies upon. Is it total? Peeled? Chopped into bits? The much more you have reduce into your garlic, the shorter its shelf everyday living. But let us search at how very long you can maintain every kind of garlic.

Whole Garlic

If you shop your thoroughly intact garlic bulbs in a neat, dry position, you can assume them to past concerning a few and 6 months. A garlic bulb’s papery pores and skin protects its cloves from the moisture and warmth that can cause spoiling. Be certain not to store full garlic bulbs in the fridge, or you’ll slash their window of freshness by a bit (more on why that is in the How To Retail outlet Garlic segment below).

Unpeeled Cloves of Garlic

If you separate a clove from the bulb but maintain it in its paper husk, the clove need to past for about a few weeks right before it starts off to convert.

Peeled Cloves of Garlic

If you have peeled your garlic cloves or bought a container of pre-peeled garlic cloves, they really should very last about a 7 days in the fridge.

clear containers of peeled garlic cloves are seen at a grocery storeAdobe

Minced Garlic

As soon as you’ve chopped your garlic, it will only previous for about a working day in the fridge. The for a longer period it sits, the more acrid it will smell and style.

If you acquire a jar of minced garlic, it will have a more time shelf daily life since of additional preservatives like citric acid or vinegar. These can make garlic past for many months, but will also change its flavor. Constantly use a clean up spoon when scooping garlic out of a jar to stop contamination. You are going to know jarred garlic has long gone poor if it commences to smell or modifications coloration.

Frozen Garlic

Frozen garlic that you get at the grocery keep can last up to two decades in the freezer — though I stop up getting it when a thirty day period! My have go-to decide for this is the frozen, crushed garlic from the Dorot Gardens brand, which is combined with a little bit of oil, lemon juice and salt. One portion equals one fresh new clove of garlic. I select it up at Trader Joe’s or Publix, but it is bought at several supermarkets, together with Kroger and Total Meals.

But if you want to freeze your personal peeled cloves or chopped garlic, just distribute the garlic flat on a baking sheet and slide it into the freezer. The moment it’s frozen, gather it in an airtight container. You’ll alter the texture a little, but the garlic must keep its taste for up to a calendar year. You can also freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop a cube of chopped garlic into a dish that wants a increase.

Dorot Gardens Crushed GarlicDorot Gardens

How To Retailer Garlic

Whole garlic cloves are best retained at home temperature in a dry place, these types of as on a pantry shelf or in a basket on the kitchen counter. Your purpose should really be to stay away from excessive humidity and motivate air flow, so use a ventilated container like a wire basket or garlic keeper.

Total garlic bulbs will not stay fresh new as very long if you place them in the fridge.

“The cold temperature in the fridge mimics autumn to garlic, and causes it to sprout within a couple weeks,” Sur La Table’s chef Richard Temples instructed Martha Stewart. “Sprouts are edible but can have a bitter flavor.”

On the other hand, peeled garlic cloves or chopped garlic do need to have to go in the fridge. Put them in an airtight food container like a glass jar or a silicone bag. Normally, the garlic’s pungent odor could permeate other food items items.

Storing peeled or chopped garlic in olive oil can extend its existence for up to 7 times. Just location the garlic in a jar, deal with it entirely with the oil and fasten a tight-preventing lid on top rated. Be guaranteed to discard any garlic you have retained this way after seven days in the fridge to steer clear of the chance of botulism.

If you mature your personal garlic, you have to have to cure it (location the garlic, bulbs down, in a darkish, chilly place) for two to four months. Then you can split off the roots and leaves and store it in your pantry. Quickly enough, you will be all set to make some tasty garlic mozzarella bread!

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