How to Watch UFC 303 Live Stream Free [Updated 2024]

UFC 303 Live Stream FreeUFC 303 Live Stream Free

Streaming UFC fights can be costly, considering most streaming sites charge as much as $100 for a monthly subscription. Most fights might get you unprepared, yet you are craving to watch them badly, like the most awaited UFC 303, a match between Israel Adesanya and Jan Blachowicz.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can stream the fight for free, whether using a web browser, third-party apk, or Kodi. in this article, we will discuss the various sites for UFC 303 live stream free. Besides, the article will outline some safety tips to apply when streaming the fight.


Using Web Browser

Web browsers from your Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS devices are excellent for streaming the most awaited UFC fight, UFC 303. Below are some of the sites you can visit to stream the game for free.

YouTube has been a de-facto go-to site for numerous videos where you get to watch various free user-generated high-quality content. Lately, YouTube has stretched its services to offer YouTube UFC, an official UFC channel for watching major UFC fights.

The site is ideal for watching the entire UFC 303 fight. Besides, it also provides you with previews of the fight. In addition, you can also access other MMA-related channels and stream the game.

Google Play | YouTube UFC

Apple Store |YouTube

If you want a pure UFC channel for UFC 303 live stream free, Stream2Watch is your site. The site is ideal for live streaming this fight in high resolution. However, you have to create an account to access the contest.

Stream2Watch is quite simple to use, considering it purely deals in UFC fights. The only important thing to do is create an account beforehand to catch the live stream.

Google Play | Stream2Watch

Apple Store | Stream2Watch

The site’s title says it all. However, the size also covers boxing games. It is completely free, thus ideal for streaming UFC 303 in various qualities up to 1080p. Besides, you do not have to create an account to stream the fight.

Another good thing about the site is that it only broadcasts live streams with no room for archiving or saving the scenes. You will be notified about the fight details after hitting on the site.

Google Play | UFC Streams

Apple Store | UFC Streams

Kayo Sports offers a 14-day free trial before demanding a monthly subscription. The free trial can be ideal for watching UFC 303 live free, after which you can cancel the subscription. One unique feature with Kayo Sports is SplitView which allows you to watch four different sports on one screen.

Most importantly, the platform is compatible with various devices such as Apple TV, AirPlay, Android TV, Samsung TV, Telstra TV, Chromecast, Mac, Windows, and Android & iOS.

Google Play | Live Stream UFC Prelims on Kayo Sports

Apple Store | Live Stream UFC Prelims on Kayo Sports

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Using Third-party APKs

How to Watch UFC 303 Live Stream Free

Numerous third-party APKs can assist you in freely accessing IPTV broadcasts. You can access the various networks that support UFC 303 live broadcasts through the applications.

However, some of these apps are malicious; thus, you should be cautious when using them. Below are some of the best apps that you can use to live stream UFC 303 on Fire TV, Android, and Firestick for free.

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LiveNet TV is a famous live TV streaming service that provides access to over 800 live TV channels worldwide. Sports is one of the categories that these networks are divided into. ESPN, BT Sports, and DAZN are just a few channels that show UFC events.

Apart from that, there’s a useful live events area that lists all forthcoming UFC events, such as UFC 303. The app provides roughly five streams for each event, allowing you to choose which broadcaster you want to use.

Google Play | LiveNet TV

Apple Store | LiveNET TV

Mobdro is a free live TV and sports streaming service that is one of the oldest and most popular. One of its greatest assets is the sheer quantity of channels available, as well as the consistency of its feeds.

You may watch UFC 303 on Mobdro using channels from the United States, Europe, South America, and Africa. The app is well-organized into sections, and you may head straight to the sports section for a more straightforward navigation experience.

Besides, the site allows you to record the stream and watch it later if you cannot watch the match live. You can also opt-out of advertisements by agreeing to share idle resources.

Google Play | Mobdro

Apple Store | Modbro

SwiftStreamz is another excellent software for watching UFC for free on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device. The software allows users to watch 700+ live TV channels from all over the world. To make navigating more accessible, all of these are categorized into numerous categories: Sports TV.

The Sports TV section provides a long list of UFC broadcasters, including some of the most well-known like UFC 303. One good thing about the Sports TV app is that it allows you to change the settings to remove channels from countries you don’t use.

Google Play | SwiftStreamz

Apple Store | SwiftStreamz

HD Streamz is another excellent sports streaming application for UFC 303 live free. The program features a wonderful UI similar to the style of official Firestick apps, and it comes with an extensive collection of 1000+ live TV channels.

UFC broadcasters from the United States and Europe are constantly available so that you can watch any UFC fight on Firestick, Fire TV, or Android for free. You can modify the app with a dark appearance, floating style streaming, and ad blocking by pooling idle resources.

Google Play | HD Streamz

Apple Store | HD Streamz

Using Kodi

Kodi is an excellent streaming application that you can use to live stream UFC 303 on Android and Firestick for free. If you properly configure the add-on, it is best to watch UFC 303 live free or any other UFC fights.

However, using the add-on requires installing a sports-dedicated add-on or Live TV add-on. All in all, below are some of the most reputable sports add-ons to stream UFC 303 for free. 

This add-on’s name says it all. It’s a Kodi plugin that lets you watch UFC, Boxing, and WWE matches. The add-on serves as a hub for on-demand material, with fights uploaded within 24 hours of their broadcast.

You can watch UFC events, Fight Night events, UFC PPVs, The Ultimate Fighter series, and Tuesday Night Contender series using the Fight Club Kodi add-on. You can catch up on events that occurred in the previous six months.

TV Tap also offers a Kodi add-on that functions similarly to the app. It is, however, a live TV app that delivers hundreds of feeds to live TV stations, unlike Fight Club. This means you can use the add-on to watch UFC fights such as UFC 303 in real-time.

There is a sports section with connections to many sports channels where you may get the streams. You can choose a station carrying UFC 303 and then watch it for free on that channel.

Rising Tides is an IPTV and sports Kodi add-on that is one of the best for live streaming UFC 303. The plugin neatly organizes content, making it simple to access live and on-demand content.

Live football, Live PPV events, and Extra live content are among the subsections of the sports section. All scheduled and existing UFC events are listed under Live PPV events. Five minutes before a live event, links are usually available.

Safety Tips When Streaming UFC 303 for Free

Safety Tips When Streaming UFC 303 for Free

  • Stay anonymous by using a VPN to encrypt your online activities and disguise your actual IP address, location, and identity from all sites, advertisements, and honeypots
  • Block Ads and Malware. Many of these websites include intrusive advertisements that can lead to malware or phishing sites. Use an adblocker like uBlock Origins, a private browser like Brave, or a VPN like NordVPN that includes ad and malware filtering
  • Streaming via a private browser such as Brave or DuckDuckGo is recommended. These browsers don’t track any of your information and actively prevent sites from monitoring you, as well as blocking advertisements and malware
  • Avoid buffering and throttling. If your ISP notices you are streaming the UFC 303 match, they may intentionally throttle your internet connection. By encrypting your internet activities with one of these fast streaming VPNs, you can avoid slow loading rates and persistent live stream buffering
  • Avoid falling for scams. If a website or pop-up ad asks you for personal information or requires you to sign up or pay to watch the battle, it’s a fraud. Close it and give it another shot. Those “Play in HD” buttons are scam adverts

Final Thoughts

UFC has become an essential and popular sporting activity in the modern world, just like football and athletics. However, it is not always cheap to access the latest and live actions considering most streaming sites have expensive subscriptions.

Fortunately, this does not have to worry you, especially if you have an Android device, PC, Firestick, or Fire TV. This article has outlined the best sites, software, and apps to stream UFC 303 for free. The only thing you might be required to use is a VPN to stream anonymously.

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