Logo Design: Expectations vs. Reality

Asking what a logo design is the most fundamental of all questions. That is if you are talking to graphic designers or anybody who is in the multimedia industry. Almost everyone knows what a logo is. We see them every day. 

There are a few things to take into account when choosing or designing a logo. First is to set that your brand, brand identity, and business or company logo are three separate entities. Although they are connecting, you have to see through each one of them the details. 


Let’s say you have a can of your favorite drink, and somebody asks you what you are drinking. Either you will respond that you are sipping your favorite beverage or say the brand name or the label. 

Your brand defines your business. This is how you perceive your company and how you want to channel this perception and vision to your customers, clients, and vendors. No wonder businesses update their logos to appeal to the people around them at certain times. 

Brands are Unstructured

Most of the time, we think that brands are formless. Any brand can be the overall quantity or volume of customer experiences or interactions your business will go through. These interconnections of ideas are infinite. Every single thing that you do that brings your brand is essential. That is why we create a structure for logos and brands for them to take in development. 

The Brand Identification

When you look at a logo, it has to define what you do. Your brand has to represent itself well to communicate to visually your customers and clients. 

There is more than what you can see on the logo for a brand. It is about how you express your brand across a wide array of people sufficient enough to be able to develop this connection to what your business does. 

Your Brand’s Feelings

Your brand’s logo wanted to share the same feelings that your customers feel every time they have interactions with your brand. It is often confusing to some, if not most, to tell why they like some brands and why they are fascinated with some logos. They can often sound judgmental about what they want on specific logo designs, but most of the time, it always has to do with what kind of emotions your logo and brand communicates to your customers. 

What feelings does your brand carry? This is one of the few questions vital for both of you and your customers since this is why they come back and patronize your products. 

Successful brands are emotionally inspired. These emotions they carry through logos and ads give meaning to your brand and your customers. 

The Logo Design

Your logo design is the most straightforward and uncomplicated visual representation of your business. You will notice that establishing what a brand is can be answered with a few popular and industry-marked brands. The way your logo is designed says what your business is all about in its most basic form using a few marks and combinations of typography.

Thinking about all brand types, whether humongous and contemporary or modern and classic, we can look up to these to have a benchmark of where we want our brand to be placed in the industry when it comes to media and marketing. 

When we consider things that we can work on with our logo, we can see that these brands have established their names for a short time or even some who made it through the decades. The techniques these brands connect us through their logos give us new meanings to interact with each day. Your logo is one of the few trademarks that make your brand powerful to your business and the people who continue to believe in your brand.

Choosing the Best Logo Design

Plenty of businesses don’t get to see that a good logo for their business and brand identity is essential. Most of the time, the focus is set too much on product development and marketing. These other business development segments are also as important as having a good representation of the business itself. The design of your business’s logo is vital and has an essential role in your business in promoting your product. 

When choosing the best logo, there are plenty of elements to be checked and agreed upon among the team. Many people expect that the initial logo design is the best logo, but that is not always the case. 

Here are a few points to consider when making or designing your business logo:

Make Your Logo Simple

For a logo to be functional and productive, it does not have to be complicated. In most cases, if your logo is too intricate, it might create some setbacks in the designing process. It can also potentially harm its effectiveness to your customers due to its complexity. 

The most effective logos are the best logos for a company or personal brand, and they usually come off as the simple ones. Check for simple options to retain the consumer in the market when considering getting a logo designed for your brand. 

The Logo’s Popularity

Compelling logos that are young in the industry will not have a sentimental effect on the consumers instantaneously. It is a common misconception that the sole success of starting their brand is on the logo design. 

It is okay to have expectations, especially when your logo is well-designed. But it is also good to note that it will always take time for your logo to get recognized. Products and services that your business offer work simultaneously as hard as your logo design. It will still take time, great ideas, and a creative mind to develop a unique and effective logo for your time, effort, and creativity to make a successful brand; and the logo design is only one part of it.

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