How To Market Your Instagram Stories Effectively On The Internet

Although Instagram stories began as merely a format or template of sharing the best moments of your day for regular Instagram users, it has emerged to be more than that. Nowadays, businesses and brands are keen on utilizing this social media tool to connect with a broader range of potential customers and promote interactively. With around 1 billion users on Instagram and more than half of them watching and making Instagram stories regularly, it would be foolish for businesses for not joining the bandwagon and marketing their products online.

From large companies to independent brands and freelancers, everyone is keen to engage as many customers as possible by creating Instagram stories and interacting with their potential customers. If you already haven’t, it’s high time that you do consider marketing your brand through Instagram stories. Following is a basic guideline for dummies on how to make perfect Instagram stories using one of the many free video editors for Instagram for marketing your business.


Five Reasons Why Instagram Stories Make Sense?

We have shortlisted the reason why Instagram stories make an effective tool for the interactive marketing of your brands.

  • A large number of people are on Instagram, and around 500 million of them use Instagram stories daily.
  • Around 33 percent of the most viewed Instagram stories are about businesses.
  • Twenty-five percent of Instagram users swipe on business links in the stories.
  • Instagram flaunts a healthy balance in their gender mix with 48 percent males and 52 percent females.
  • Surveys suggest that 62 percent of consumers claim to have been acquainted with the respective brands through Instagram stories.

Types of Content Shared Through Instagram Stories

Unfiltered Content

BTS videos or Behind the scenes content for brand advertisements serves as excellent video content for your brand promotion through Instagram stories. This is because the format of such videos is more natural and relaxed. The viewers expect content that is real-time and unpretentious in the Instagram stories. You could also provide videos of how the products you are promoting are manufactured. Behind the scenes, videos appear to instill a sense of trust among their potential customers.

Testimonials From Customers

Keeping with the relaxed nature of Instagram stories, we can have customers give their valued testimonials for their respective brands. Customers sharing their positive experiences through the brand’s Instagram stories can influence the purchasing decisions of the viewers to a large extent.

Educative Content

Customer’s likings have taken an informative turn in the last few years. A considerable number of customers now prefer educational content regarding any subject or product related to the brand. Hence educative marketing has slowly become a significant marketing tool for brands. Informative videos about products, tutorials on how to use them, and more such videos attract a large group of online customers.

Business Stories

The emotional connection of the brand with the customers can be strengthened through brand stories. Businesses starting from scratch and gradually building up their empire from the ground up are those kinds of success stories that reach out to the viewers and encourage them to become associated with the brand. Making business stories using online ad-makers such as Invideo is hence a useful idea for marketing your business via Instagram stories.

Making The Instagram Story Effectively

There are a certain number of aspects that need to be taken care of properly to make the Instagram story worthy of your brand marketing.

1. The Visual Aspects

The most crucial element of the Instagram story is the part your viewers will be able to see. The visible part of the story consists of the following contents.

  • The texts: Texts added to your story adds to the appeal of the Instagram story. The overall presentation of the texts is what needs to be taken care of. Paying attention to every detail concerning the texts is hence essential. Add more attractive colors to your texts so that it manages to grab the audience’s attention instantly.
  • The video: The most important aspect of your story if you are going with a video in the first place. The first thing to ensure is the content of your video remains relevant to your business as well as the target audience. Then you need to make sure that it does not appear too formal or intently. The laid-back atmosphere is critical to preserve in case of your Instagram stories. Use a good ad maker to make the video properly then add effects as desired.
  • Business location: Adding the location sticker to your video is a mandatory element of making your Instagram story. Your audience needs to know where your business is based out of. Adding a location sticker will take care of that as well as add your business to the page of the location.
  • GIFs: It is just another way to make your video fun and interactive.

2. Interactivity

Your Instagram stories need to interact with your audience effectively. This can be done in multiple ways.

  • Q&A sessions: Use the question sticker available on Instagram to pose questions to your audience and open up. The responses can then be posted in other stories for them to read.
  • Quizzes and polls: The quiz sticker is a fun way of engaging your viewers to your brand. You can also host a poll to get them to vote on aspects related to your products or business.
  • Instagram Live: The best way to interact with your viewers is to go live and have a chat with them in real-time. You can cover events such as product launches or ad campaign shoots and even live tutorials and use them as your Instagram story to create more awareness about your brand.

3. Effects

Additional effects are just the icing n the cake, which enhances the overall preventability of your story and makes them look more attractive. If you are using texts, you can opt for the rainbow gradient effect across it. Adding some animation to the story might also help your cause.

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