McDonald’s Japan may be launching a line of french fry-scented perfumes

Have you at any time longed for a fragrance that smelled like eau de french fry? If you can vacation to Japan, you may perhaps just get your wish.

In a post on X, McDonald’s Japan just introduced that the enterprise is presenting a restricted-time perfume assortment that simulates the scent of their french fries. In Japan, the McDonald’s dining establishments offer you a menu product referred to as Shaka Shaka Potatoes, which is an get of fries that will come with a sachet of several various spices you can insert.

In accordance to Contemporary Plaza, the perfume scents include things like the typical salted fries, as properly as two scents that correspond to those seasoning packets: plum nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo seasoning.

Sure, you go through that proper. Two of the scents mimic the smells of seaweed and garlic.



— マクドナルド (@McDonaldsJapan) March 6, 2024

The perfume’s packaging is manufactured to glimpse particularly like the iconic red carton of McDonald’s fries and like the Shaka Shaka flavor packaging. The article didn’t point out when these scents would be readily available or how considerably they would price. Probably they’re just letting the general public know so they can create up an hunger for the new products and solutions.

So far, lots of men and women on social media have reacted with disbelief or outright disgust.

“Yuck… usually don fragrance to get that stuff out of outfits,” one particular Reddit consumer commented.

But a further commenter appeared at the very least a minor bit intrigued: “It has variations these kinds of as seaweed salt and mayo… equally of which I would not genuinely want to scent like in any context. But it is an exciting idea, I’d appreciate to attempt them just to see how accurate it is,” stated yet another Reddit commenter.

If you are living in the U.S. — and you’re dissatisfied that you can not incorporate a McDonald’s products into your attractiveness regimen — consider heart! You may perhaps not be in a position to buy McDonald’s perfume in America, but you can buy McDonald’s nail polish or press on nails!

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