QuickBooks Online to Desktop Hosting Successfully

There is plenty of work that goes into any migration process, and just estimating all the measures and unknowns of converting tools might make you reconsider. But should choose what is best for business, client, or accounting demand and also make a note of all the potential difficulties of switching from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop hosting.

Why switch from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop?

The answer relies on which functions and features your business wants from QuickBooks. For several companies, QuickBooks Online is an ideal alternative. It provides companies with access to QuickBooks in the cloud as it is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and there are various versions with a wide range of functions available at every level.

Although QBO has proceeded to develop with time, QBD is robust and more feature-rich. For instance, QuickBooks Desktop enables you to revert to previous versions of a company file, undo bulk transactions, perform batch invoicing, and utilize advanced reporting.

Based on the size and nature of your business and QuickBooks data, files, and the level of customization you need QuickBooks Desktop is likely to be the more reliable alternative. In that case, you do not have to bother about losing the advantages of the cloud when switching to a hosted desktop version. You can effortlessly host your QuickBooks Desktop software in the cloud to have access at any time and place along with real-time collaboration. You can also get hosting services for QuickBooks from Cloud Desktop as a Service Providers.

The role of hosting providers for your migration process:

Once you have come to a conclusion and are ready to begin the Hosted QuickBooks Cloud migration process. You have to perform the follow activities:

  • Clearing all your QuickBooks data and files.
  • Creating backups for your company files.
  • Purchasing QuickBooks Desktop software and hosting subscription from a trusted hosting provider authorized by Intuit.
  • Work with a migration tool to initiate the process.
  • Post-migration process like compare reports between original and migrated files, review client data, verify settings, link bank, credit card accounts, and payments and invoicing.
  • Link additional third-party apps.

Several issues are encountered while migrating from QuickBooks Online, this is where your hosting provider comes into the picture. Your hosting provider can handle all the above tasks along with the transition of all your licensed third-party applications. The process is comparatively quicker as QuickBooks migration to hosted desktop is performed the same day. Rather than wasting hours yourself, the best hosting provider takes on these difficult tasks, so there is one less trouble for you or your customers.

The switch from QBO to a hosted desktop version is a clever decision and effortless to perform with the ideal hosting provider. Advanced functionality, enterprise-level security, and technical support eliminates all the difficulties for the transition. If you are doubtful about the decision, find a trusted cloud hosting provider and take the leap.

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