How To Make Scroll-Stopping Facebook Video Ads That Convert

The entire world has shifted to online mode in the past 2 years. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, all modes of business and communication are mostly online. This has also meant that businesses and advertisers have had to reach their potential customers online. Given the amount of time we spend everyday on our laptops and phones, online advertising is the most effective way to advertise.

Add to this the ease of online shopping, and businesses have a whole new strategy to follow. They have to make attractive ads online and show them to customers through social media websites, search engines, etc. But how to bring ads to the screens of customers? This is where Facebook has stepped in and changed the game.

Facebook is already the largest social media platform. It has now also become the most popular advertising and marketing tool online. Facebook Video Ads can be found on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Using Facebook Video Ads businesses can witness dramatic growth in their business and gain many new customers.

To know how to make Facebook ads, consider some rules:

As per requirements on Facebook, video ads should preferably follow these guidelines:

  1. While a variety of file types are allowed, it is best to stick to MP4, GIF and MOV formats for video ads.
  2. The maximum file size for any ad should be 4 GB.
  3. The length of the video can be between 1 second to 241 minutes for in-feed ads.
  4. The minimum resolution of all videos should be at least 1080 x 1080.
  5. Facebook recommends using a 4:5 ratio is better than landscape modes for in-feed videos.

Now some guidelines on how to make Facebook Video Ads that will get the attention of anyone who scrolls through social media:

  1. Set the objectives clearly: Before starting the planning process, you must have in mind what you want your ads to achieve. Is it for brand awareness or to create conversions? Once you know the objective, you can begin planning.
  2. Understand who the target audience is: Every advertiser should know who the target audience is for the ad they are creating, once you know who your audience is, who this ad should appeal to, you can plan better, instead of having a generalized ad that some might like and some won’t, you should plan an ad that will appeal strongly to a group of people and then convert to sales.
  3. Plan the content through: The most crucial key to success is creating an ad which tells a story. If your ad is not interesting in some way then viewers will simply scroll past. Therefore, brainstorm and get creative!
  4. Create the video: Creating a video might seem like a daunting task for people, especially those who have never made one before. But with video editors, making and editing videos is easier than ever before. While big businesses can afford to hire professional video editors and camera persons, small businesses have to manage it on their own. However, if you have a fixed plan and content ready, all you need is a video editor.
  5. Choosing a good video editor: Having a good video editor can make your task of creating Facebook Video ads much easier. One of the best video editor apps available today is InVideo. It is free to use and completely free. It doesn’t even require a sign up. It can be used on Windows and MacOS but it is best optimized to be used on Chrome. 

     There are many templates available to choose from. There are filters available. You can easily add captions and audio to your videos. The AI helps in detecting mistakes in text, syncing and colour. There are many more video editors, but most are paid and expensive.

  1. Set up an ad campaign on Facebook: Once your ad is ready, you have to follow the steps on Facebook and Ads Manager. Check the metrics or optimization and you’re good to go. Make sure the ad is optimized for both phones and desktops.
  2. Share your video: Don’t just stick to Facebook. Use the same ad on Instagram and YouTube for maximum conversions.
  3. Evaluate and analyse: Simply making the ad is not the end. Take a peek into the Ads Manager and see how well your campaign performed. You can use Analytics and gain a deeper insight into your ad campaign. Analysis increases the scope for improvement and better performance in future.
  4. Improve your strategy: Once you have gained insight from the analytics, use the data to make better ads and improve. Conduct giveaways, include customers and their videos on your page, etc. Once you gain traction, more people will know about your brand. Get innovative with ads, speak about why your products are better and the ethos of your brand. You can even pair up with influencers for more visibility on your ads.
  5. Make more ads: One successful campaign isn’t enough. If you got success, you should not become complacent. Instead use the momentum to do better. Make more ads, create a series, etc, the best example is CRED. They struck gold with their unique ads and now they are making more in the series. Anyone with a unique idea can go viral on the Internet today. All you need is creativity.

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Facebook Video ads are the best strategy for advertising. This is because Facebook users love watching videos. According to data, 65% of Facebook users watch videos daily in the USA. Therefore, video ads are the way to go and Facebook is the platform to target. A 2020 study revealed that videos get the most engagement compared to texts and photos. Conversion rates of videos are also higher. 

A poll conducted by Databox revealed that 69% of marketers said that video ads bring more conversions than photos and text ads. Make sure all ads are optimized for mobile phones because most people use Facebook from the phone. This is the best way to get new customers and also encourage customers to buy more. 

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