Top Online File Converters for Multi-Purpose Files

The encoding of computer data can be done in different formats. When the file format of computer data is changed to a different one the process is called file conversion and the online tool used for converting the file is called the online file converter. The files are processed very quickly for the conversion and no software need to be installed for this process. The free converter online has made file converting very easy and fast and one need not purchase or download specific software for converting the files.

The information in a file can be in different formats like video, audio, images, text, Archives, graphics and eBooks, etc. When people want to convert their files into different formats now people search online for the best quality, free converter. Each online converter is specially created to convert the files online into different formats. Using the file converter one can easily convert a file in a particular format into any other format such as PDF, DOCX, MPG, PSD, BMP, EXCEL, GIF, AAC, AVI, Jpeg or Png, etc.

Those who experience difficulty in using a particular format for their file can easily get their files converted in to another format by using the online converter. Using the free converter online is the best solution to change the format of your files according to your choice and in the method, you want to do the same. The file converter online coverts every file format into a different format and this online tool is very easy to use.


Choosing the Best Online File Converter

Online file converter is today accepted as the best solution to the conversion of files into different formats. Though there are a lot of efficient, reliable, secured and easy-to-use free converters available online, those who use the file converter should confirm that they are using a converter that ensures security, best quality and privacy. Those who go for the online conversion of their highly sensitive files may opt for a trusted online converter so as to ensure quality and safety.

The demand for file format conversion has grown rapidly in recent times and hence daily a lot of people are searching the internet for the best free converter online. The best quality online file converters offer many amazing features that make the task of converting the files easy, simple and fast. The free, reliable, fast and easy to use online converters are of great demand today. When you use the file converter online you can get the task of converting the files completed in seconds with a few easy steps.

Those who search online for free converter are assured of numerous options. However, they must be very careful while choosing the online converter for converting their files perfectly and efficiently. The following is the latest list of top online file converters that are 100% free, fast, safe, easy to use and assure the best quality conversion.


ACONVERT is the ideal online converter for those who frequently convert audio as well as video files. Apart from audio files and video files, this free converter can be used for the conversion of documents, images, archive and eBooks also. This file converter enables the user to improve the quality of the files and also to change the size of video files. However, the size of the video file for conversion should not exceed 200 Mbps. The interface of this online converter is quite simple and it can be accessed on mobile devices also.

2. Onlineconvertfree is one among the top free file converters online and this online tool is a wonderful option for those who want to convert file of any format into any other format. Onlineconvertfree is simple and easy to use and it will complete the process of converting the files just within a minute. This file converter will deliver the file in the desired format efficiently with no compromise on quality.

Onlineconvertfree is used for converting documents, audios, images, archives and eBooks, etc. into the preferred format. Onlineconvertfree assures the best results when mp3 is converted in to WAV or MOBI file is converted in to PDF file or TIFF file is converted in to PDF file and so on. is identified as the best free converter online and for those who very often convert files in to their desired formats this is the most ideal file converter. It can convert unlimited number of files in one time. has the amazing drag and drop feature also.

3. Convertio

Convertio is another free convertor which is also one among the top online file converters. This amazing online converter supports more than 25600 different conversions between more than 300 different file formats. This free converter finishes the task within 2 minutes. No software is to be downloaded or installed. This file converter functions on all platforms and it is browser-based. The conversions that are managed by Convertio takes place in the cloud and hence it will not require any capacity from your computer.

4. Format Factory

Format Factory is one among the top online multimedia file converters and it can efficiently convert images, documents, audio and video files. This is a 100% free app and it can also combine number of videos into a single file. It is very simple and easy to use this file converter. No email address is to be shared for using this file converter.

5. Convert.files

This is a very simple but fast online converter. The users of Convert.Files are offered numerous input as well as output formats. An exciting feature of this file converter is that in case the user is in search of rare file types, he can review all supported formats. The user can initiate the process either by browsing for the file or by entering its URL. As the next step the user may choose the desired format from different file types such as image, video, audio, document and graphics etc.

6. Cometdocs

This online converter is known for its most advanced conversion technology. Cometdocs is the best option when you want to convert different types of files in to PDF. It can efficiently convert even the rare file types like XPS, Publisher and more. The users can take the help of the support team for the manual transforming of highly complicated PDFs into editable data. Cometdocs assures perfect conversion of any data that is trapped in a PDF file into other formats like HTML, Auto CAD, Word, Excel and Power Point, etc.

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