We tested Kelly Ripa’s secret to preventing guacamole from turning brown

Nothing’s much better than fresh, brilliant green guacamole and chips. And nothing’s even worse than guacamole which is gone brown from sitting down out way too long. But there’s no acquiring close to it: oxidization occurs when avocados are exposed to air, which creates that brown shade. This can take place within just several hours, which makes points challenging when you want to put together it forward of time for a social gathering.

What is a celebration host to do? Kelly Ripa shared her skilled idea on an episode of her clearly show, “Live with Kelly.” (It is now “Live With Kelly & Mark.”) And it could not be simpler. Just major off the bowl with a 1/2-inch of h2o and put it in the fridge for up to three days. Check out her exhibit right here:

“I know it appears mad, [but] you place it in the fridge, and it will prevent the oxygen from entering and browning,” she says. “The water will not soak in, you can just dump it off the major.”

Kelly Ripa is entertaining to check out, but actually? She’s not my go-to expert for suggestions in the kitchen. And there is a rule we all ought to stay by: Don’t imagine anything you see on Tv set. So I whipped up a batch of my personal guacamole and attempted the procedure myself.

Very first, I separated my fresh new guacamole into two bowls.

Jennifer Graham Kizer/Simplemost

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Up coming, I sealed the two bowls otherwise. For the bowl on the left, I included the 1/2-inch of drinking water on top. For the bowl on the right, I adopted a idea from the Food Network and lined it with very clear plastic wrap, pressing down near to the guacamole so no air could get in.

guacamole test beginningJennifer Graham Kizer/Simplemost

I positioned both equally bowls in the fridge right away. The upcoming day, when I took them out once more, the big difference was very clear as working day. The guacamole with the h2o was the very same new inexperienced shade all the way via, whilst the just one with the plastic wrap had gone brown on best.

guacamole test resultsJennifer Graham Kizer/Simplemost

Most effective of all, removing the drinking water from the bowl on the still left was straightforward. Right after pouring it off, I discovered the guacamole underneath to be properly intact and not at all waterlogged. It was ready to take in! In the meantime, I had to scrape off the major of the guacamole on the right to get down to the nevertheless-green element.

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two bowls of guacJennifer Graham Kizer/Simplemost

The folks at Avocados From Mexico also recommend adding a liquid on top of guacamole to sort a barrier from the air. But they propose topping off the bowl with both drinking water or lemon/lime juice. (Citrus juice is identified for slowing down oxidation.) So, if you like your guacamole with a lemon or lime taste to it, this is in all probability the way to go.

By the way, guacamole is harmless to eat for up to two or a few times when saved in the refrigerator — and that is even if it’s gone brown. But I believe we can all concur that vibrant environmentally friendly guacamole is a great deal more appetizing. It’s superior to know how quick it is to maintain it that way!

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