Blank Beanie Wholesale wholesale business is an industry in which sales activities are carried out between the manufacturing industry and the retail industry in the process of product distribution.


Also known as a wholesaler or trading company.

Being an intermediary between manufacturing and retail, our main business is to get the latest product and trend information so that we can ultimately supply our products to consumers.

Characteristics of wholesale business:

There are three main characteristics of the wholesale business.

Handles a wide variety of merchandise items.

What you handle depends on the industry, but wholesalers often handle a large number of items.

We carry out integrated logistics from purchasing to sales.

Since the wholesale business is involved in the entire process from purchasing to sales, it covers all commercial distribution.In addition, wholesalers may enter the manufacturing industry these days, and in such cases, all economic activities from manufacturing to sales will be carried out.

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Increase personal connections:

The number of people involved with manufacturers and retailers alone will increase, but if you go to product exhibitions, you will also have more connections.

Role of wholesale business:

The wholesale business is responsible for the logistics function from the manufacturer (manufacturing industry) to the retail (retail store).

Wholesalers purchase products from manufacturers in bulk and sell the inventories to each retailer.

In addition, manufacturers manufacture many products at one time, but many consumers buy only in small quantities, so intervening wholesalers can supply small quantities to consumers.

The second role is to coordinate the commercial distribution.

Specifically, the manufacturer will take over the task of collecting money from the retail store.

Manufacturers can prevent uncollected payments.

Since the wholesale business is a middleman, a lot of information can be obtained.

Based on that data, we provide information such as what kind of products are sold.

Those who are suitable for wholesale business.

People who are good at communication.

Since the wholesale business is mainly to connect the manufacturing industry and retail stores, we will be involved with many people. Therefore, people who are good at communication can play an active role in the wholesale business.

People who are good at marketing.

The role of the wholesale business includes the support of retail stores.

People who are good at marketing can give specific advice to customers because it is desirable to add value when communicating market information such as trends from manufacturers to retailers. As a result, good sales of goods can benefit both wholesalers and retailers, making marketing an important skill for working in wholesale.

Wholesale exam preparation:

The main flow for being adopted in the wholesale business is as follows.

  1. Document review.
  2. Written exam.
  3. Interview (2-3 times).

Written exams vary from company to company, but they often carry out aptitude tests.

In the case of wholesale trade, many companies place more importance on interviews than exams.

Interviews tend to have many personality-related questions, such as your personality and how to overcome your weaknesses.

You may also be asked what you have experienced in the past.

It’s important to think about how you can communicate your personality and how you can contribute to the company you want to experience.

Wholesale has become a necessary intermediary for consumers to purchase goods.

In recent years, due to problems such as the inability to arrange trucks to send products due to the development of the Internet, wholesalers who have their own logistics are becoming stronger.

People who are good at communication and those who are strong in marketing are likely to be able to play an active role, so it is recommended to work at a wholesale company.

If you want to work in the wholesale business, please refer to it.

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