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In April 2021, the company behind telecommunications giant Comcast, i.e. Xfinity, discontinued its mobile application. So now, how can you access Comcast’s email account from both mobile and PC?

Here is the complete step-by-step guide.


How to log in to my account?

Logging in to the account is a straightforward process containing only three steps.

If you are using a computer system to check your email, all you have to do is your Xfinity ID and a proper internet connection.

What is Xfinity ID, and why is it required for Comcast email login?

When you subscribe to the services of Xfinity, i.e. TV, phone or internet, you are provided with a unique customer ID. This number is used for accessing and managing the Xfinity services online and includes your email.

The ID of your Xfinity is indispensable for logging in to the account, so you need to have your details before accessing it. It can be your email address, user number or phone number associated with your Xfinityaccount.

How can you access Comcast email on a PC?

Now, you must know how easily you can log in to your Xfinity account and the email via the web browser. But what if you have to use your email address on your smartphone? Let’s check out how to access the email on other devices.

How can you log in to email on mobile?

If you want to download the official Comcast email application, you will not be able to find it, as it has been discontinued. But don’t worry, as there are two options to access your email on mobile.

The first one includes going to the official Xfinity website and logging in the way you will do on your computer system. If you want, you can log in to your account multiple times a day. However, you should have valid login credentials for each login.

You can also log in to the account with the help of third-party tools of email clients like Mailbird. All you have to do is configure the account in this third-party application with the help of Comcast’s IMAP settings. After this, you can access the Comcast email with a simple click.

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What are the email features of Comcast?

Once you have logged in to your account, you can enjoy the fantastic features Comcast offers and explore every way you can make the most of them.

Here are some key features of you can explore right away when logged in to your account.

  • Basic customization options
  • Personal folders
  • Mail statistics
  • Group contact lists
  • Basic contact management
  • External email accounts
  • Auto–reply messages
  • Multiple email signatures.

This email list is somewhat short, but if you use the Comcast email account on the third-party application,Mail bird, you will get access to much more useful features on top of what you are getting already. It includes

  • Free support
  • Interface in 17+ languages
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Attachment search
  • LinkedIn lookup
  • custom sounds
  • speed reader
  • email snoozing
  • 30+ integrations with other applications
  • Multiple email accounts in a single location

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