2024 Rezvani Beast x Price in India, Mileage, Specs, And Images

Rezvani Beast X the mightiest in the Beast lineup, costs ₹1.99 crore to ₹2.5 crore . Prices differ between Beast and Beast Alpha models.

The Beast X convertible is limited to just five units. It has a 2.5-liter Cosworth I4 engine, now turbocharged by two Borg Warners. This setup generates a formidable 700 hp (522 kW; 710 PS). With a curb weight of 750 kg (1,653 lb), it boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 933.3 hp (696.0 kW; 946.2 PS) per ton. Its design has had small changes for better aerodynamics. It has new aero gaps, fender grilles, and a split spoiler like the Pagani Zonda C12. We revised both the front and rear to add downforce. We added gaps, grilles, and a spoiler to match the changes.

Power goes only to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual. A semi-automatic is available for the X model. The auto performs acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in a mere 2.5 beats.


2024 Rezvani Beast x Overview

Basic InfoDetails
Brand Rezvani (if it exists)
Model Beast X
Launch Date 2024
Status 2024
Price ₹1.99 crore

2024 Rezvani Beast x Price

The price of the 2025 Hyundai Sonata is expected to start around ₹1.99 crore and go up to ₹2.5 crore

TrimExpected Price Range (₹)
Base ₹1.99 crore
Higher ₹2.5 crore
Rezvani Beast x Price in India

2024 Rezvani Beast x Price in All States of India

States of India Base Higher
Assam ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Bihar ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Chhattisgarh ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Goa ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Gujarat ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Haryana ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Himachal Pradesh ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Jharkhand ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Karnataka ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Kerala ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Madhya Pradesh ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Maharashtra ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Manipur ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Meghalaya ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Mizoram ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Nagaland ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Odisha ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Punjab ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Rajasthan ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Chhattisgarh ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Tamil Nadu ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Telangana ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Tripura ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Uttar Pradesh ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
Uttarakhand ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore
West Bengal ₹1.99 crore ₹2.5 crore

2024 Rezvani Beast x Colors

TrimPossible Colors
Base * Black * White * Gray
Higher * More adventurous colors * Two-tone options * Matte finishes

2024 Rezvani Beast x Mileage

2024 Rezvani Beast x Mileage is 5 – 8 KM/L to 4 – 7 KM/L

TrimExpected Mileage Range (KM/L)
Base 5 – 8 KM/L
Higher Trim 4 – 7 KM/L

2024 Rezvani Beast x Top-speed

2024 Rezvani Beast x Top-speed is 175+ mph to 180+ mph

TrimEstimated Top Speed (mph)
Base 175+ mph
Higher 180+ mph


Safety, Security & Locks * Airbags * Airbags
* Seat Belt Warning * Seat Belt Warning
* Engine Immobilizer * Engine Immobilizer
Comfort & Convenience * Parking Sensors * Front & Rear Parking Sensors
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers * Anti-glare Mirrors * Anti-glare Mirrors
* ORVMs * Heated ORVMs
* Boot-lid Opener * Power Boot-lid Opener
* Door Handles * Chrome Door Handles
* Interior Door Handles * Interior Door Handles
* Door Pockets * Door Pockets
Lighting * Headlight Height Adjuster * Automatic Headlights
* Tail Lights * LED Tail Lights
* Cabin Lamps * Ambient Cabin Lighting
Seats, Upholstery & Storage * Leatherette Upholstery * Premium Leather Seats
* Driver Height Adjustment * Driver & Passenger Height Adjustment
* Front Passenger Adjustment * Front Passenger Adjustment
* Rear Passenger Seats * Heated Rear Seats
Interiors * Limited Colors * More Interior Color Options
* Cup Holders * Cooled Cup Holders
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation * Instrument Cluster * Digital Instrument Cluster
* Trip Meter * Trip Meter
* Tachometer * Tachometer
Warranty * Standard Warranty * Extended Warranty Option
(Details TBA) (Details TBA)
Technology features: * Infotainment system * Upgraded Infotainment System with larger touchscreen
* (Features TBA) * Navigation (Optional)
Driver assistance features: * (Features TBA) * Advanced Driver Assistance Package (Optional)


Dimensions & Weight
Width 80.1 inches
Height (Not Available)
Wheelbase 107.3 inches
Ground Clearance (Not Available)
Doors Dihedral (Butterfly)
Seating Capacity 2
No. of Seating Rows 1
Boot Space (Not Available)
Fuel Tank Capacity (Not Available)
Displacement 6.2L
Engine Type Twin-Turbocharged V8
Cylinders 8
Valves (Not Available)
Max Power (HP) 1,000
Max Torque (Nm) (Not Available)
Mileage (ARAI) (Not Available – Not Tested for India)
Transmission Type 8-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic
No. of Gears 8
0-60 mph 2.5 seconds
Drive Type Rear-Wheel Drive
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel Type High Octane (Specific octane rating not available)
Fuel Tank Capacity (Not Available)
Wheels & Tires
Suspension Front (Not Available)
Suspension Rear (Not Available)
Front Brake Type (Not Available)
Rear Brake Type (Not Available)
Steering Type Power Steering
Spare Wheel (Not Available)
Wheel Size (inches) Front: 20, Rear: 21
Tyre Size Front 275/30 ZR20
Tyre Size Rear 355/25 ZR21


Rezvani Beast (2024)Competitors (India)
High-Performance SUV Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Limited Production Mercedes-AMG G 63
Off-Road Capability Land Rover Defender
American Muscle (not SUV) Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
Note Not direct competitors in terms of exclusivity or performance

Pros and Cons

High Performance: The Rezvani Beast boasts a powerful engine and impressive handling, making it a thrill to drive. Limited Availability: As a limited-production vehicle, the Beast may be difficult to find and purchase in India.
Unique Design: The Beast has a bold and aggressive design that is sure to turn heads. High Cost: The Rezvani Beast is a very expensive car, even by luxury car standards.
Off-Road Capability: The Beast has impressive off-road capability thanks to its high ground clearance, all-wheel drive, and rugged suspension. Fuel Inefficiency: The Beast’s powerful engine is likely to be quite fuel-thirsty.
Customization Options: Rezvani offers a wide range of customization options for the Beast, allowing buyers to tailor the car to their individual preferences. Unproven Reliability: As a new model, the Beast’s long-term reliability is unknown. There may be fewer service

Reviews and Ratings

CategoryExpected Review/RatingReasoning
Performance Very High The Beast boasts a 700-horsepower engine and impressive off-road capability.
Design Subjective (Likely Positive) The Beast has a unique and aggressive design that may appeal to some but not all.
Luxury High The Beast is expected to have a luxurious interior with high-quality materials.
Technology Above Average The Beast will likely have advanced technology features, but it may not be the most cutting-edge compared to mainstream luxury cars.
Reliability Unknown As a new vehicle with limited production, reliability ratings will likely take time to develop.
Overall Likely Positive The Beast is a high-performance, luxurious SUV with a unique design. It is expected to receive positive reviews, but some aspects like design taste may be subjective.


Accessory CategoryBase Price (₹)Higher Trim Price (₹)Buy Now
Performance (Engine upgrades, exhaust systems) ₹5 lakh – ₹15 lakh ₹10 lakh – ₹20 lakh Buy Now
Exterior (Wheels, rims, body kits) ₹3 lakh – ₹10 lakh ₹5 lakh – ₹15 lakh Buy Now
Interior (Seating upgrades, entertainment systems) ₹2 lakh – ₹7 lakh ₹4 lakh – ₹10 lakh Buy Now
Armor (If offered, bulletproofing etc.) Not Available (Information not available) Not Available (Information not available) Buy Now


Is there a 2024 Rezvani Beast X?

Answer: As of today, March 28, 2024, there is no official confirmation from Rezvani about a 2024 Beast X model.

What can we expect from the 2024 Rezvani Beast X (if it exists)?

Answer: It’s impossible to say for sure without an official announcement. However, based on the current Beast model, it could be a high-performance off-road vehicle with potential upgrades in power, technology, or features.

What would be the expected price of the 2024 Rezvani Beast X in India (if it exists)?

Answer: Due to the lack of confirmation and specifics, an accurate price is impossible. However, based on the current Beast’s US price and import considerations, a very rough estimate could be ₹1.99 crore and upwards, depending on trims.

Where can I find more information about the 2024 Rezvani Beast X?

Answer: Currently, there’s no official information available. You can monitor Rezvani’s official website and social media for any announcements regarding a Beast X model.

Are there any alternatives to the 2024 Rezvani Beast X (if it doesn’t exist)?

Answer: Yes, if you’re looking for a high-performance off-road vehicle, you can consider established options like the Dodge RAM TRX or the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor R.

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