Outdoor Car Cover Is Really Great Investment

When you own a classic car, you probably have a few goals in mind. One might be to keep your vehicle in prime condition. For that reason, you have probably considered buying a nice car cover to protect your vintage machine. Perhaps, though, you have wondered, do car covers damage car paint? The fact is, a quality car cover will protect your car’s paint job, its trim and the rest of its classic body.

If you car has recently been repainted, though, it’s best to wait until the paint has cured and a wax job has been applied.  The best covers are made with materials that are durable, yet gentle, and are designed to look good while on the car, while providing protection from tree sap, falling acorns, bird mischief, dirt, dust, salt and even acid rain.

You can get car covers made from fleece, cotton flannel, PVC, satin-stretch and stretch weave. Indoor car covers protect from such things as dust and dirt and prevent the car from rusting. Outdoor car covers are a bit more robust and hold up to any climate and even protect against hail, snow and ice.

Go Custom

An ordinary car cover might not fit the outlines of your car, or go over special features such as fins, spoilers and hood ornaments. It might droop or sag or leave areas of the car exposed to the elements. It might not fit aftermarket modifications or upgrades. Quality custom car covers to protect your investment better for the following reasons:

  • They are designed for your make, model and year classic car or truck
  • They are made to protect your vehicle both inside the garage and outside in the weather
  • They come in styles for every budget
  • Custom car covers are made to fit like a glove over your prized possession
  • They won’t scratch the paint

Your classic car or truck is worth some money. You wouldn’t think of putting inferior parts in it, or making upgrades with cheap components, and you certainly wouldn’t forego having insurance. A durable car cover is like insurance. Take good care of your car and it will retain its value and continue looking great. Select from a wide variety of covers that give you choices of color, manufacturer and materials.

Buy Quality

A good car cover will last for years, whether it is for inside or outside use. Like your car, though, it requires some tender loving care. Knowing how to care for your car cover is the best way to increase its usefulness. Don’t leave the cover on when towing the vehicle. Washing the cover now and then will keep it looking nice. Each cover comes with specific care instructions, so make sure to follow these.

Never use fabric softener and never dry clean. Coldwater is best. When washing in a machine, use only a commercial front-loading washer on the gentle or delicate cycle. When washing by hand, place the cover on your vehicle, spray with a hose, brush with mild detergent and rinse. Afterwards, take the cover off and dry in a safe place.

Shop online for the perfect car cover for your classic vehicle. Get affordable prices and a large selection.

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