June 2024, part one – Blue Collar Red Lipstick

Details: Clover Canyon top, Agnes B jacket (both thrifted), Le Chateau belt (Poshmark), Ricki’s skirt (retail)

Thoughts: I started with the top/skirt combo, playing with fire by choosing white as my base colour. I am nothing if not willing to take risks with my outfits! I could have picked a black topper as my third piece, which would make a lot of sense given the other parts of the outfit … but I decided to continue my risk-taking, and explore the left field. I thrifted this vintage Agnes B jacket quite a while ago, and hadn’t found the right outfit for it yet, so I decided to give it a try. Red works well with white (and black), and I thought the subtle vertical stripes would clash-complement the pattern of the top. Agnes B was one of those “cool girl” brands of the 90s which teenage me could only admire in magazines at the time. If only teenage me could see middle-aged me now! She might even be impressed.

Details: Tommy Hilfiger vest, Smythe blazer, Babaton pants (all thrifted), J. Crew shoes (retail)

Thoughts: Another very simple colour palette featuring white (and blue, this time). I really am getting cocky. Miraculously, my luck held and I managed to avoid getting stains on this knit vest for another day. It’s a great piece for spring and transitional weather — it has the texture of a sweater, but it’s cotton and sleeveless, so very easy to layer and keep well ventilated on warmer days. I love being able to extend “sweater weather” as long as possible, and I’m not above faking it.

Details: CK tee (thrifted), St. John jacket, Gap skirt (both swap), Gap belt, Aldo shoes (both thrifted)

Thoughts: Continuing to explore the possibilities of this vintage St. John jacket as an addition to my more streetwear-coded outfits. I really enjoy the juxtaposition of its very ladylike, very 70s cut and the slightly grungy, 90s-inflected outfit. It has a certain je ne sais quoi … which is to say, I’m hard-pressed to explain why I like it so much, but I do.

Details: Ralph Lauren top, UO pants, Cotton Ginny belt, Banana Republic necklace (all thrifted)

Thoughts: At the other end of the spectrum, here is a very Papa Ralph-coded outfit that I also enjoyed a tremendous amount. I love the crispness of the stripes of this serape-like pattern, and wanted to make it the focus of the outfit, by paring everything else down. Black pants, black belt, and one statement necklace in a complementary colour. It’s simple and sharp and oh-so-satisfying.

Details: Ralph Lauren shirt and skirt, vintage belt, J. Crew shoes (all secondhand)

Thoughts: I can say the same thing about this outfit too. It’s one of my most simple outfit formulas for spring/summer: a men’s shirt and a full, ankle-length skirt. I adore this silhouette. Add to that a fun colour palette and a bit of pattern play, and you have an excellent outfit that took all of 30 seconds to put together.

Details: Vince dress, Ports jacket (both thrifted), Coach bag, Rafael Alfandary necklace (both secondhand), Mia shoes (retail)

Thoughts: I am never, ever breaking up with brown. At least, I don’t think I am. Instead, I take advantage of any cooler, wetter days to bring out some of my fave brown pieces, like this dress and this corduroy jacket. A statement necklace with a hint of blue — one of my fave colours to pair with brown — is all this outfit needs to feel complete.

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