How To Check Your SBI Bank CIF Number Online

CIF is key in banking practices; any of the account holder’s demographic details are contained in the CIF. Each CIF file has an individual CIF number. SBI is the country’s most powerful bank, with more than 24,000 branches in India and 190 offices abroad. This CIF number is often gone by the name of Customer Information. If you aren’t aware, what is the CIF number? This article is targeted at those who are looking for the SBI number without a passbook. Here we can speak about how to locate your CIF through SMS, Online Banking, or the SBI Yono app.


What is the SBI CIF Number?

The CIF number is for a connection to a Consumer Details Register. The CIF number is an eleven-digit number that is provided by the SBI and CBI bank. Any time someone opens an account in their bank.

Banks regularly build a Customer Information File (CIF), which involves the customers’ personal information, such as identity, address verification, transaction history, and loan specifics. The number has 11 distinct consumer numbers.

How to Get SBI CIF Number Without Passbook?

You’ll usually find a CIF number on the first side of your passbook issued by the bank and appears on the front and first page of your passbook. For specific consumers, it is not necessary to have a passbook to get a CIF, although, in certain situations, you may need to recognize your CIF code or have no passbook; below are the different ways you may get your CIF number.

Get SBI CIF number using net-banking

Connection to the net banking service is needed for this approach to work properly. You have to go through these processes to acquire your Consumer Identity Number (CIN) from net banking.

  • To access the phonebook, must be opened.
  • If you haven’t done so before, go to your banking page and log in with your user name and password.
  • Once you will be taken to your account and profile page, press on the “My Account” and then click “Account Summary”.
  • Expand>Next, then on the Nomination and Location information section.
  • Select View Nomination and Have the PAN Info
  • Click “Expand” to see the class ID numbers on the next tab.

You can find sbi cif number through yono app

To make it quick, and if you’re an SBI customer of Yono credit card user, you will have an easy time getting your ING India number on your mobile app. First, you must download the SBI Yono mobile banking application (known as SBI Yono App), and then, after, you would need to log on to it. So, you have to take these measures if you do not have an account.

  • To be authorized, please use your SBI username and password to log in to the Yono Application.
  • Looking on the home screen, it is the last choice in the middle of the six titled “Services”.
  • On the next screen, please click on ‘Add online nominee.’
  • You would have now generated an account transaction. Choose a form of account in the next step, and input your account number throughout the select account area.

Find State bank of India CIF number using the cheque book

To retrieve his CIF figure, the consumer will have to have to use his cheque book. He might have his checkbook, but this system won’t function because it requires the buyer to keep a certain amount of money in his account. Only do this task if you obey these measures

  • get your money order, and begin by drawing a few slips of paper
  • in the box that says “Customer Information File (CIF) Number.”

Get the SBI CIF number by visiting your bank branch

There is a computerized identification facility (CIF) in the nearest SBA branch where you can receive your CIF number. Next, they would want to ask you a few questions to check. In any other processing process, they can supply your Customer Information File (CIF) to you. To prove your identity, you need to bring your passbook and id when you enter the bank.

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You can have bank customer support

Using this option, whether you are in a rush to open a checking account at the nearest branch or don’t want to spend time standing in line to open a checking account with the SBI. If you are having trouble with SBI or wish to inquire about SBI service, you should contact the Support phone number identified as Customer Care. Even ask them to send you the CIF (sales identifier number). They can question you for a few items to check your identification. If you have verified your CIF, they can supply it to you. The following phone numbers would enable you to use the following free of charge:

  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 11 2211
  • 080-26599990


When the CIF number of an SBI account isn’t passed in is defined, this assertion is false. This article aims to provide you with as much information about obtaining a CIF code without using a passbook. You’re welcome to let me know if I made some mistakes or see anything that could improve this text.

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