Centurylink Router Login | How to Login To Century link Router

Century link login: Century Link routers are getting popular due to its highly-advanced features. We all know the benefits of managing and changing your Wi-Fi settings. CenturyLink routers are mostly used in offices, due to their unique and exceptional features. In this article, we’ll deeply discuss about the settings and login process of Century Link routers.

If you are using CenturyLink routers, then this article will surely help you in managing your Wifi connection. The first thing we’ll discuss in this article is logging into your CenturyLink routers.

Centurylink Router Login


How To Login Into The Century Link Routers?

This guide will help you in accessing your CenturyLink router settings. We’ll discuss about changing your administrator password to secure your Wifi security settings.

  • Initially, you have to connect your device to a CenturyLink network. You can use Wifi or an Ethernet cable to connect with CenturyLink router.
  • Open a secured browser and type Now you have to enter your respective username and password. Remember, the admin username and password will be located on the back of your modem.
  • Now you can see all the settings of your Wifi router. You can change the password, bandwidth channels, username, and alot more.

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What Is The Benefits Of Changing Wifi Settings?

  • When a router is checked after manufacturing, they come with their own default setting. But, those default settings are not suitable for every user. Above all, default settings don’t work out with every internet provider. Therefore, changing the Wifi settings is a must.
  • Changing your Wifi settings also refreshes your connection. Switching off your modem doesn’t mean that your connection is refreshed. In various offices, after a couple of months, cables and Wifi settings are checked to avoid interruption. Therefore, without any professional help, you can reset your Wifi settings and refresh your connection.

How To Change Wifi Security On CenturyLink Routers?

  • Initially, you have to follow the login process of Century Link routers. You have to enter your username and password. Make sure you enter the new password and username. For default username and password, check the backside of your modem.
  • Now, you have to click on the ‘’Wireless setup’’ option. You find multiple options, click on ‘’Wireless security.’’ Now you have to click on ‘’SSID.’’ Above all, you can even choose your desired security and authentication open. Now, you can change your wireless settings according to your choice.
  • It is always highly recommended to seek professional help to change your security settings. Don’t forget to click on ‘’Apply changes’’ options to save all your new settings.

CenturyLink settings are quite easy to understand. But, everyone cannot understand its technical specifications. Therefore, either you follow the guidelines or go for professional help. This was all about the login process and changing the security settings of CenturyLink routers. We hope that this article is surely helpful for CenturyLink users.

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