This 2-ingredient sauce elevates plain veggies to culinary masterpieces

Miso is a fermented soybean paste and dynamic component that can include umami-prosperous taste to soups, marinades, sauces and additional. A testomony to miso’s power is the acceptance of miso butter. Chefs and home cooks use the compound butter to include pizzazz to myriad dishes, from proteins and pasta to basic veggies.

My like affair with miso butter started out just after I created a batch to melt over broccoli in an effort to eat far more vegetables. The verdict? It labored! Inside of a number of days, I uncovered myself spooning it on to potatoes, corn and carrots and trying to get out additional veggies to pair with my miso butter. My spouse — who embarrassingly applied to only adore broccoli with cheese melted on leading — even commenced inquiring for miso butter-topped greens after striving them for the initial time this thirty day period.

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Study on to master a lot more about miso butter and how to make it oneself.


What is Miso Butter?

The only elements you have to have to make miso butter are butter and miso — a fermented paste with a gentle punch of funk (in the best way) — but you can incorporate other ingredients depending on your tastes and what you strategy on ingesting with your miso butter. For case in point, some recipes simply call for the addition of floor pepper, minced garlic, scorching sauce, sesame oil or honey.

Extra About Miso


Miso, just one of the main substances in miso butter, is a paste that has been created and used in Japan for hundreds of years. There are additional than a thousand sorts of miso of various flavors and shades, which rely on their substances and fermentation time. White or mild misos (moderate and sweet) and darkish or crimson misos (bold and salty) are the two most typical varieties offered in the United States. You can typically find a variety in the refrigerated portion of nearby Asian or specialty grocery outlets.

Roasted veggies with miso butterPatricia Kaowthumrong/Simplemost

Because miso is a fermented product or service, it contains probiotics or micro organism that can likely be helpful to your digestive and immune systems. The condiment also has nutrition these types of as manganese, B natural vitamins, copper and vitamin K. But miso is pretty salty, so be certain to check with your health care provider before introducing huge amounts to your food plan, specifically if you’re hoping to watch your sodium ingestion.

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How to Use Miso Butter

Smear Miso Butter on Veggies

Well prepared miso butter performs very well with pretty much every single vegetable you can assume of, introducing a deep, savory flavor and elaborate sweet and salty notes to blanched broccoli, grilled corn on the cob, roasted newborn carrots and cubes of russet potatoes (my most loved).

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Spread Miso Butter on Toast or Spoon it on Chicken, Meat or Fish

You can also distribute miso butter on toasted bread or spoon it onto cooked meats and fish these types of as steak or salmon. My go-to protein to smother with the condiment is a miso rooster recipe from Sam Sifton, the editor of New York Periods Cooking, which calls for miso butter infused with honey and rice vinegar. The honey in the miso butter browns in the oven, resulting in juicy poultry shrouded in crispy, caramelized pores and skin.

Make Decadent Miso Pasta

Miso pasta (think: the ideal buttered noodles you have at any time experienced) is also a common way to use miso butter. Miso and butter are remodeled into a creamy, decadent sauce with the addition of the pasta of your decision, starchy pasta water and Parmesan cheese. I favor employing linguine or angel hair. I like to make it for lunch with a side of blanched broccoli.

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How to Make Miso Butter

There are tons of miso butter recipes. But a person of the most essential, from veteran foods writer Mark Bittman of The New York Periods, necessitates combining 4 tablespoons of space temperature butter with 2 tablespoons of miso (I prefer a light-weight or sweet miso) and freshly ground pepper.

He recommends rolling the butter into a log making use of plastic wrap to refrigerate or freeze for later on use (it is a helpful technique that lets you to slash off slices). But I just keep mine in a glass airtight container and spoon out as much as I need for every single dish.

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I want working with unsalted butter, but the salted range also works just make certain your adhere is softened or at area temperature so you can mix it into a easy distribute working with a spoon or spatula. I didn’t have softened butter a single time when I built it, so I melted a stick for the recipe and it worked, but the resulting miso butter was marginally lumpy.

An additional a single of my tried-and-true miso butter recipes is from editor and food developer Megan Scott of Simply Recipes. Her rendition phone calls for 8 tablespoons of softened salted or unsalted butter, 2 tablespoons of white miso — and 2 teaspoons of sesame oil, which adds toasty, nutty notes to the combination.

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Other miso butter variations incorporate a spicy option spiked with garlic and Sriracha, a rendition with orange juice and orange zest, and just one produced with smoked paprika, mustard powder and rice vinegar. As soon as you make miso butter a couple of instances, you can personalize the recipe to your liking. The condiment stays new in the refrigerator for two to a few weeks or in the freezer for up to a month.

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