How to Track Social Media Activities of Android Remotely

You’ll find a bunch of social media applications on the internet. The motive of social media app is to link with friends and strangers around the world. People share their life on social media through pictures, videos and giving updates daily.

According to youth statistics, nine out of ten teenagers use social media from the age of 13-17, and that is a significant percentage. However, social media isn’t all benefits; there are dreadful risks that harm young children the most.

You can’t tell your kids to detach from their social life to prevent these risks. But you can track their activities to ensure they’re safe. Of course, the option of checking their phones occasionally to see if something is wrong will be challenging. And children don’t like the parent’s involvement in their social life.

A better approach for monitoring remotely is to install a phone tracker app on your kids’ phones. These apps don’t restrict to just parental controls; you can also track your partner’s social media accounts or your employees during office hours.


Top social media apps:

Social media network is growing vastly because it’s not just about a communication medium, but people are earning from them. So these apps are approaching their target audience in many ways that are making people addicted to them.

You would know that, for example, if you’re an active social media account, you must log in to it at least once a day. Now imagine teenagers using it all day long, how toxic it would be for them. Next, you can view the engagement rate of top social media apps that most people use.


WhatsApp is known as instant messaging app that is well-liked among people across the world. It is a cheaper medium to share photos, videos, files through an internet connection. In addition, you can make audio calls, video calls, and text in seconds through this social media application.


Facebook is the largest networking apps that made connecting with friends and family possible over the internet. It has millions of accounts worldwide that you can connect to or find any stranger in the world.


Twitter is a great social media app that allows people to tweet their thoughts, break the news to people, etc. In addition, you can share pictures, videos, links, and multimedia content through this app. Businesses use Twitter for promoting or marketing digitally.


Instagram has been rising for the last couple of years among people across the world. With fantastic interface and flexible services, it’s becoming popular day by day. You can share pictures and videos through this platform. You can also text your friends that have accounts in the same application.


Snapchat is highly popular among the young generation because of the excellent interface of the app. For example, you can send snaps on this application that will disappear after viewing. Or you can send text messages that will disappear after reading the chat.

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Teenagers are wasting an unhealthy amount of time on social sites:

Every teenager has a smartphone, and they’re addicted to it. Parents are forced to buy them phones because they need them for learning or contacting family while away in school. But that doesn’t allow them to spend all day on the screens.

They play unhealthy games that provoke violence; they unnecessarily use social media because they’re addicted to it. Internet isn’t a safe place for kids as dangerous people such as predators, bullies, blackmailers wander freely online.

As teenagers share their personal information on such apps, people with wrong intentions can harm them. As a parent, you should be aware of kids’ smartphones and social media apps to avoid destructive scenarios. For example, you can restrict their screen time or monitor their social media accounts.

Risks of using excessive social media accounts:

As we discussed earlier, the internet is a dangerous place where your child can get hurt. There are several risks involved that a parent should be aware of before letting kids use social media accounts.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Identity theft
  • Sexual assault
  • Inappropriate content

How to track social media on android remotely?

It is a dream of every parent to keep a closer eye on kids’ mobile phones to ensure their security. But children don’t allow them to do so; that’s why remote monitoring is ideal for parental monitoring. As kids have access to social media apps, they are targeted by predators, bullies, and other cyber threats.

Apart from that, they browse inappropriate content on the internet that isn’t good for their mental health. So as a parent, you should get the best phone tracker app and keep an eye on your kids. That will help you monitor kids’ digital life and give you controls to restrict their online activity remotely.

If you’re unfamiliar with tracking social media of android, then you need to read this article. It shows a detailed procedure for installing a phone tracker app and then using it to track social media apps.

Subscribe to tracking application:

Good things come with a price, so if you want a quality Facebook tracker, then you’ll have to purchase it. You can subscribe to the phone tracker app by visiting their websites. Generally, a pricing page on the site has all price plans listed for the users. You can choose a plan for your tracking needs and subscribe to the spyware. You are required to create an account prior so you can access the tracking software.

Install the spyware:

The tracking apps work in a similar manner where you have to download or install the spyware on your child’s phone, so you can access their data and monitor them. And to that, you will need the mobile phone of your kid physically. The WhatsApp tracker must have sent you an email containing the URL you’ll require for installation.

Use this URL into a web browser that’ll take you to the software. Then, you have to click on it, and the installation will start. It will require time based on the quality of internet and the software. After the installing is finished, you need to ensure the app has all the permissions so you can easily access data at the time of monitoring.

Login to the dashboard:

The monitoring apps allocate each user with individual access to a dashboard where they can start tracking. Before beginning to monitor, you will need to log into the account, so open the email that the service provider sends. You will view all the features that were included in the subscription package on the dashboard.

Access features:

You have access to all the features such as social media tracker, app blocking, etc., that will help you spy on Instagram conversations and more.

·       Monitor social media activity:

The social media activity monitoring feature is the solution to parents’ half of the problems. It offers diverse services such as Facebook tracker, WhatsApp tracker, spy on Instagram conversations, etc. The feature allows you to track the feed activity, for example, what your child is posting on these apps and what they’re viewing. For instance, you can read chats through the Snapchat spy app and monitor call logs on WhatsApp.

·       Block accounts:

You can block contacts that harass your kids on social media apps so they can’t harm your kids. Unfortunately, cybercrimes are common among teenagers, so you better watch who is approaching them on social sites to ensure their security. And Facebook tracker block such accounts remotely.

·       Read texts:

You can read text messages on every social media account through these apps. Chatting is the primary source of communication among youngsters, so you better have an eye on it. If you notice your child is disturbed or acting strangely when they get messages, then you should take instant action. Because it can be a sexual predator harassing your child, use the Snapchat spy app to monitor such transmissions.

·       Monitor calls:

You can monitor calls through the WhatsApp tracker remotely. The app will provide you access to view contact details, call duration, and timing of calls. You can thoroughly monitor kids’ daily interaction with friends or strangers.

·       Monitor multimedia files:

Teenagers share inappropriate content with friends and sometimes strangers on the internet. For example, their private pictures, videos, etc., and they don’t realize that it can create problems for them in the future. Strangers with bad intentions will use this information and blackmail the kids’ for their benefit. You can save your kids by monitoring these files and deleting them before they can send them.

·       Uninstall application:

You can uninstall the application remotely using this feature. Kids use unethical and violence-provoking games that, as a parent, you can’t approve of. If your kid isn’t giving you the phone, then you can uninstall harmful apps remotely.

·       Restrict app usage:

The Snapchat spy app allows you to restrict app usage; for example, you can put restrictions on certain app., and after the screen time is over, the spy app will automatically turn off the app so the kids can’t access it.


With the rising cybercrimes, parents are now worried about their kids’ security on social media platforms. You need to install the best tracking app on your child’s phone, so you can protect them even when they don’t ask for it.

TheWiSpy is a well-known phone tracker app that offers exceptional parental controls. You can use all the mentioned features along with additional features to keep close tabs on children. Thus, you can reduce harmful situations for kids by monitoring their digital activities.

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