What I Wore: May 2024, part one

Details: Reitmans sweater, Ralph Lauren skirt, Aldo shoes (all thrifted), Warren Steven Scott earrings

Thoughts: I usually stick to a 3-piece outfit formula to achieve the level my preferred level of put-togetherness, but it’s possible to get the same result with a simpler version, like this one, too. Just pick one or, better yet, two statement pieces and you’re set. I added some funky accessories (earrings and shoes) to lean into the playful vibe of this particular combination. Black, white and red is a classic combo, but it doesn’t have to be serious.

Details: Primavera dress, Joie cardigan, Lena Bernard necklace (all thrifted), Zara shoes (retail)

Thoughts: Oh hey, look at that: another 2-piece outfit. Here, the dress is the statement piece, but it’s pretty chill. I chose the boots because I felt like they kept the outfit from feeling too staid, and gave it a 90s vibe that I very much enjoyed. You can tell it’s the nostalgia of a Gen X-er because, yes friends, those are reading glasses I forgot to take off. That is the current season of life for this 1980 baby. Reading glasses. Read that and weep. I kid, I kid. It’s ok. They make cute reading glasses these days.

Details: Calvin Klein tee, Only & Sons jacket, Jessie skirt (all thifted), Coach bag (secondhand), Mia shoes (retail)

Thoughts: Speaking of the 90s, this outfit wants a moment of appreciation. I wore it on a weekend road-trip to Calgary with a friend, and it provided the perfect balance of comfort (first priority) and style (distant second but not entirely out of the running). I’m pretty sure this oversized jean jacket will be one of my go-to toppers this summer. Ditto for these shoes in the footwear category. They’re both so easy to wear, comfortable, and versatile. What more could I ask for?

Details: Calvin Klein tee, Zara jacket, UO pants, vintage belt (all thrifted), turquoise accessories (Poshmark)

Thoughts: I knew this classic white tee would be doing a lot of work for me this summer, and I was right. It’s plain and versatile, with a classic cut and nice weight (thick and opaque, not see-through at all) that make it easy to dress up if needed. It’s Calvin Klein, and it makes me think of those impossibly cool, minimalist 90s ads for the brand — which is what inspired this outfit I wore to the office. (Yes, I occasionally go into the office. It gives my WFH life a little spice now and then, haha!) I chose the accessories and statement blazer as a way to put my own spin on the minimalist inspo. I took the jacket off once I got to work and didn’t put it back on for most of the day, but the turquoise bits made the outfit feel less generic, and more like “me” in an understated kind of way.

Details: AllSaints top, Club Monaco vest, Lida Baday jacket, Talbots skirt, vintage brooch (all thrifted)

Thoughts: This all came together through a series of leaps. I wanted to wear this beautiful crushed velvet vest, and decided to pair it again with a column skirt; I chose this particular skirt based on the colour palette. Then I decided to make the most of the deep-V neckline and pulled out this frilly rosetted shirt. The shirt is sleeveless and it felt a bit too early in the season (and rather cold) to have bare arms, so I decided I needed a topper. I tried a few different options until I found one whose length and cut gave me the best overall proportions and … voila. I don’t usually do short-over-long layering when it comes to jackets and vests, but I quite like how this combo worked out. Mental note made.

Details: H&M dress, Higher Ground dress (worn open), BR belt (all thrifted), selfmade necklace, Zara boots (retail)

Thoughts: Speaking of layering, I’ve been meaning to try a dress-worn-as-duster-over-another-dress combo for a while. This black dress is a great option, not only because it buttons all the way, but because it’s a heavier cotton giving it the weight of a topper. I wanted the under-dress to provide contrast, so I went with a light-coloured tulle confection. Volume and movement and texture all in one shot: perfect! This ended up being a nice goth last hurrah for the season. It’s time to bring out the summer wardrobe!

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